marlene mountain
one-line haiku sequence
november 1985


pissed off poems and cross words


goddess tales


zen student hearing yet another stupid comment
by the master
kicked shit out of him and left
the zen master reviving
took one look at the raked sand broke
his stick and left


in the beginning there was one man
creation being easy - done by just about everyone
in the world - he created everything
thereafter he called himself god that being
the tradition of patriarchal traditions
when he asked rain to rain and it didn't and when
most everything was covered with ice
after he had ordered it to go away (he was really
relieved because he had no place to put it
if it had gone away) he realized everyone would blame
him when things went wrong so
he had the usual bright idea all male religions
have in these circumstances he created
a female and called her mother nature now when
things go wrong se says it's her fault
and when things go right he says he subdued her
therefore he lives happily ever after


Perceptions #12 1987; The Symposium 1:1 1991


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