marlene mountain


'OTHER RENS...a poetic weave of three strong if quite different woman voices speaking
candidly and refreshingly.'
Tom Clausen, Librarian and Poet

'...a collaboration by three accomplished and independent-minded writers.'
George Swede, Co-editor with Randy Brooks, GLOBAL HAIKU: 25 POETS WORLD-WIDE

'These three women muses go beyond sacred and profane to present naked links done
over the net. Here poetry 'leaves turn to flame.' Hang on readers, for this is
outrageous new linked verse!'
Patricia Donegan. Co-author with Yoshie Ishibashi, CHIYO-NI WOMAN HAIKU MASTER

'A great mix of funny, spicy, insightful, deep.'
Sara Brant, Poet

'What a remarkable book of haiku!'
Lowell Hayes, Artist

'These three wrens--Kris Kondo, Marlene Mountain, and Francine Porad--are firmly
established haiku poets, with a collective career in the genre of more than100 years.
They are also deeply knowledgeable about renku, although the 136 six-line 'rens' in
this book are deliberately far removed in many ways from the rule-laden
traditional renku of Japan.'
from the introduction to TRIO OF WRENS Book Four by Dennis H. Dutton, Poet

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