marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain   kris kondo

one-line linked haiku    october 2-12 1999

half the room

scattered frost with half the room rearranged nothing fits
a dusty box of fallen leaves palm-fitting stones
images of art denigrated by an ignorant political-savvy mayor
a visit to the Bronx Zoo to collect elephant dung
eyes-on-me feeling i scream 'hunters get off my land' two deer
quite conscious of all the rules we're breaking

Calvin Ball played with abandon by a stuffed toy & little boy

is jesse the body/the mind now jesse the back-away
a shot echoed glasses shattered foyer in frozen moonight
thunder comes and goes now longed-for ordinary rain
in a deep wooden tub soaking eases blistered hands and feet
web above the sink she hides again from the glare
each child's fragile and delicate beginning as two cells join
a father who doesn't take care of his share
chilled to the bone pain caused to others turns inside
under a quilt a dip of wintergreen skoal
a few quick stitches to the appliquéd blossom petals
i take up too much of my time with myself

for the overstuffed 'wearable' & 'driveable' computer stuffings
a life spent barely deciphering chinese characters
only in america 'breaking news' trump might run for president
six year old dealing the cards for a game of war
are there really razor blades hidden in the apples of halloween
some things send chills down each time I hear them
worn-out windshield wipers pop into my mind before we head out
Pikachu's long lightning-shaped tail swishes
their kitty-cat chases down a chipmunk we watch from upstairs
news of a nuclear leak tv drones in an empty room
bones full of holes still she craves new breasts over the scars
trained to visualize each chakra's pure hue

an invitation to a moon viewing party across the Pacific Ocean
one rock & another 'because it's there' to destroy
jizo's head in the pond a tadpole darts all over its surface
six-billionth person arbitrarily chosen 'it's a boy'
an uneasy feeling as we reach another blossom verse position
no one struck us down an art smaller than nature

8m) minnesota governor hounded for his anti-religion comments
33k) stone buddha statue guardian for children who died young,
in or before childbirth

Raw Nervz Haiku 7:1 2001

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