marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

kris kondo    marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku    september 23-october 2 1999


fragrance wafting from the sprite-like nudes in an ink painting
autumn equinox 2 sweat shirts a housecoat a blanket
on the veranda a chair unfolded plump moon nearly full
ponds low growing things unwatered the tug to be
transfixed by the newspaper photo of a star being born
from japan the contest guidlines: three lines

confused world i trust myself the most yet not always dependable
half way round the globe the shell of the man I married
what pay to look ugly and act uglier tv guys in wrestling get-ups
sweat-stained, bug infested arm-pits and crotches
shaved head without asking from chemo treatments or just 'stylish'
son's teacher who posted humiliting scores--gone
no more panic attacks now that he's living elsewhere evening cool
lulled to sleep wave after wave of insect chorus
the dirt they grow in still on my mind purple morning glories
all over the house healing herbs hang in bunches
a day almost too long cheese and crackers an effort to prepare
newspapers and snow piled up outside the door

the sickle moon r e v e r b e r a t e s in the sub-zero sky

a ship to mars disappears a world of dying kids
a ratty rabbit's foot deep in a pocket squeezed hard
kitchen drawer rarely opened pink insulation nest
fiddling with the radio dial to get 'american country countdown'
old days & now male minds fear our female expression
the slow steady m e t a m o r p h o s i s of a new millennium
mercenary tv christians with y2k/2nd coming tactics
a ten ton truck barrelling down a highway in misty mountains
if it was a poem it's still in the dried-up stalk
as I leaf through Roget's Thesaurus yellowed blossoms scatter
a few sprinkles a sign that rain still exists

something like relish and something like applesauce my cooking
preparing a book of verses for son's 19th birthday
old 'bureaucrazys' slow to react fast to lie dogwoods' autumn
a life skimming over murky pools waterstrider
even better than the feeling of home the feeling of back home
my lovelies all asleep I pedal into the sunrise

Raw Nervz Haiku 7:3 2001

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