marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


melisande luna     marlene mountain    

one-line linked haiku     february 18-22 2004

chromium cancer clusters

at the mines a bumper crop of chromium cancer clusters
which scented soap washes out dishes of evil food
carcinoma sarcoma mutagens -yay- anthrax arsenals atomic decay
overdose of neurontin the world jerks trashed in jibberish
mojave denizens disappear jackrabbit deserters
tree trucks take a dump near the river
high culture a degree from Pb of U
left behind the drunks of 'landscrape' art
question: where did deforest go?
burned the air
old growth logging no spot for a spotted owl
who chopped the hill the 'corporapetions' of chopsticks
fish on strike nary a nibble
a face on the tuna can dolphins stabbed out
oil puddles on the harbor a real pollution solution
tv ad we protect you in our 'environmen'
goo! my foot's crude discovery
rocks for sale as is a perfect fixer-upper for a handy young family
digging for clams a sandpiper pokes at nothing
a dead man's ashes on the moon of women and our tides
meanwhile on Mars, discontent among the new colonists is very high,
rebel factions demand immediate transportation back to Earth because,
as one freedom fighter put it, 'Mars sucks.'

the awesome jesus face busted on the believers' dumb-struck souls
and remember, global warming may just be a theory
but that brown shit in the sky is definitely smog

'global warning' bucks with millions of bucks fill up the urinals

melisanda wrote her lines then marlene added hers
some 'mad-up words' included in mm's links

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