marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku



marlene mountain   kris kondo  michelle v lohnes

one-line linked haiku   may 10 1999-february 12 2000

a snail of course
[order of linking: mm kk mvl]

a snail of course isn't slow now mail might be a different tale
wailing 'to infinity and beyond' following a silver trail
paled in city lights back country wishes on shooting stars prevail
hal at the door any houses for sale not mine a free tail
one bucket of dark paint slowly swirling into another pale pail
frail man refuses to inhale artist creation still wet

black dirt under my nails fixes just about anything that ails me
spotted the long awaited kale seeds in the mailbox
brief surfacing whales exhale ocean rainbows in their spray trails
sizes of hail given in balls this odd male world
inhale, exhale remembering 20 years of entangled, entwined life
creativity entails scaling the sides of unguarded thought
spiritual & unavailable the moon was i'd jail that rocket science
deep in the chilly dewy vale an apparition in a veil
pale nails scrape the sail's full image into crumbling shale
hailed as fakery entrails of a creature from mars
a quorum of quail chicks quailing in a shower of petals
cattails edging railroad tracks impale a sinking sun

paleolithic sculpture females created females prove me wrong
baling up my problems and bailing out
alienated by his frail ego daily failures steeped in stale ale
even in salem the male church screws 'the other'
rainy season a bag of stale pralines starts to grow things
drifting toward the pale moonlight sails tangled
each love letter in braille like a gale to the sighted girl's mother
aphrodite prevails the tingling even extends to their nails
steel rails the hollow wail vibrates long after the hail storm
some baling twine when all else fails as usual
the trail of a telltale smirk on the tattletale's smug face
the barn cat's tail sways behind the milking pail

2 or more rhyming word, ok to repeat within piece

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