marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain      cindy tebo

one-line linked haiku   december 26 2003-january 20 2004

or is it a phase

do we hate/dislike haiku or is it a phase of dislike/hate
in the blueprints of a poem the unfinished pine
pipe thaws at 32 degrees i don't think it's a plot at 4 pm
'amazing grace' a crack or two on the high notes  
'orange alert' mr bush tear down that campaign slogan
duct tape I'm ready for anything

a gentle rain no umbrella but my hair
the road widens into a narrow road
'99 bottles of beer...' with kids in the backseat  
i could slip out in case there's an iris tip
quiet path the trumpet vines without trumpets
dead to the world the dead in iraq

cheney & a new we-could-do-everything-to-them list
inflation at sunrise hot air balloons
red wiggler worms out of their red compost from mars
glow of the city closing in on me
partly-sorted and partly-stacked again obligations
friendly reunion with my dog-eared journal


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