marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


cindy tebo   marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku   january 13 2002

before water

before water into wine rain on the vine
a walk on the tamed side of the lake's surface

Grand Opening 'Jonah and the Whale,' at the Bass Pro Shop
it was how long deep too was it

homeless shelter Adam and Eve slept here
cracker crumbs not knowth 'til no-ah

two by two who invited the termites
the cleanliness animals by seven come eleven

McDonald's fries over 1 million fed to the masses
chips off the old block of tourist traps a bleeding heart

burning bush another superbull ad
fbi profile: swm in his twenties

'let my people go,' Ford gives 'em the ax
golden-car worship on four good years

The World According to Carp Bill Vance on the other channel
windows throughout all the monopoly bit from the apple

at one with Moses we carry our backpacks into the wilderness
man-ia from heaven begets the world's grate reliegions

'be fruitful and multiply' I read to my tomato plants
organic garden book full of hard work and horseshit's the best


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