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one-line linked haiku


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one-line linked haiku   9/9/9/9 pattern   july 11-25 2004

the judge asks

summer rain the judge asks saddam for his mother's name /s
dubya's higher father of all dubya's wars /m
a bush in bullshit the double 'l' for double lies /c
taleban gone burqa on /s
the irony berlin wall takes irony root irony israel /m
hells bells another catholic church for sale /c
not wishing to swear in company he calls his wife a witch /s
passed past daylilies worldly testosterone /m
h g wells 21st century in the fohg of victory the invisible victims /c
sudan sudan sudan is exactly where /m
dandelion clock blow by blow what makes men tick /s
new savings and loan not one tree saved /c
proposal amendment 1 of each = marriage the record straight /m
sad eyes saying he's gay /s
kitchen clean up between dish towels a leaflet on depression /c
roadside emissions the blues of chicory make do /m
gothic doorway something half eaten clings to the moon /s
'look don't touch' the pipe organ stalactites /c
venus fly trap snaps shut on an indeterminate muffled buzz /s
smoke-filled bar the e_it sign missing the x /c
bad & good news terrorists about ready then we can believe it /m
so many alerts we switch off /s
not just a mariner's tale the rogue waves taller and realer than paul bunyan /c
bunched up for a photo-op world males who fuck our earth /m
'sexism and the city' another woman up against the glass ceiling /s
wanted by the armed forces america's youth /c
which doctors will fax which info to the next doctor who am i /m
form after form are you sure you're insured /c
the hole in a hepworth frames a child's passing face /s
empty notebook for the red ink of a faded rose /m
all the way home a paper crane in the hands of its creator /c
'final demands' the suicide letter /s
if i could have said stop just before cicadas brought the heat /m
raining harder the heron stays on its rock /c
christ 2000 years after christ she's stoned for being /s
find a philosophy that's equal /m

23c waves that were once thought to be a mariner's
tale but have been verified by satellite images
29s barbara hepworth/sculptor 

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