marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku
july 2004


marlene mountain       sheila windsor

one-line linked haiku   9/18/9 pattern    july 22-31 2004

who's reading this

who's reading this poem is haiku a watch-word for spooks
howl in the night there's only me
the owl sculpture/eye 'shevinity' a big part of home life
fish net his alter ego
'9/11 commission' the spin begins by 'wrongwinger' nit-wits
the blue planet i hear it hums
thunder rolls in with a bit of rain unrolls out to a quieter place
chalk face the geisha
beneath the pond's surface the better part of the newt

tennis men pajama-looking women half-naked
groomed and ready to meet he brings condoms and sweets
i need a 'bubble head' to match the rest
they keep trying to 'reach' him the autistic boy with the smile
a wren sings as if ok is better than ok
'retail therapy' not for me i'll take the garden and jasmine tea
that moon talk a stop for gas/food/lodging
breakfast in my hand a small green scowling pumped-up man
chain-link fence w/barbed-wire for the protesters
his new old flares i think they might once have been mine
for the hummers a watermelon rind the crows
beyond your knowing beneath your feet a gaggle of giggling rats
nothing to say pundits trash the next first woman
graduation day 'thatcher's children' maybe but they look good to me
my way of learning the journey of unlearning
words in a bottle swept out to sea a loneliness no-one can fathom
old springbox stuff in it that ought not to be
double double toil and.... a fitful tossing turning kinda sleep

nightmares no match for the dawn
if an election of erections rewins i'm heading out for for for
stand up night it's finishing that's hard
on their own to suck down their own leaves purple irises
under stone wiggly and white
heaviness in the air full on trees and cicada shells
pining for love fingers a donut
wrapped in the flag 'their' rights family values & stem cells
for her return the light

18m a cage on the grounds of the democratic convention in boston/america
not gitmo/cuba
27s double double toil and trouble - macbeth