marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku
july 2004


sheila windsor    marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku   6/6/6/6/6/6 pattern    june 15-21 2004

with sticks and dogs

wildflower meadow with sticks and dogs they search the long grass
the old mossy bridge older tomorrow
this morning's morning glory a little deeper purple each dying breath
rooted in the land circles of rusting art
rain rain and more rain the tortoise comes out yawns goes in
no channel on gardening repeated ads and news

billions & billions of dollars and counting dubya told it's hundreds
sleep pods the price of a nap
day after day world sex trade what does the little girl get in return
rent boy they don't see his eyes
'weapons of mass destruction' no arms in the armless soldier
cnd badge blowing away the dust

a break in the cloud something for the sunflower to look up to
reflected in the pond is my image still there
dragonfly carrying sky and when you think where it came from
around cucumber plants wormy rotting hay
grandad's old garden shed only the bindweed to hold it
a lizard erodes up the eroding cliff

treason falls from a senator's lips those two liars above us all
post hutton tony clings to his post
malescholarshit includes arkeology manthology masterfragment
punkchewAshun diss cuss shun blah
corruption america israel palestine who's religious now or ever
world bankwhich world

yards and yards of tarmac yet the daisy made it through
mother nature's gullywash 'my' rocks to her creek
christmas the allotment pine dewy draped with spider's silk
mist in the valley though 'nothing special' it is
grandma's roses black and white the black all faded grey
bit by bit the daylily drop-off

a god's armageddon the neocons would die to make it happen now
2000 in the end it came and went
on the horizon in a white hat on a white horse a haiku inspector
heavy breather she blows the whistle
1st moon walk celebration i close my mind before i can open my eyes
a chimp a child and one too many breaks

21m words from 'shetrillogy'
31m short for neo-conservatives

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