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cindy tebo   suhni bell   marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku     mid-march 2003

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battered women's shelter the ambulance turns off its siren /cindy
noisy red-light district & a quiet prick /suhni
a perfect candidate for an illegal war an illegal dubya /marlene
toothpick missiles mint flavored or regular? /cindy
nicotine patches kinda growin' on me /suhni
smoke-filled rooms mine not theirs /marlene
woodland wardrobe the dutchman's breeches behind the oak /cindy
naked truth body bags ordered before the u.n vote /suhni
in a world of male inventions males /marlene
suv terrorists I park at the other end of the lot /cindy
wounded again again i limp past haiku censors /suhni
don't forget to write someone's rehashed version of a crow /marlene
men in black (or navy) our bomb's bigger than your bomb /cindy
my anti-war poem for the day : m.o.a.b.= f.o.a.d. ? /suhni
global warning unable to warm a heart of oil /marlene
weldon springs clean up I still don't drink the water /cindy
murky thoughts between breaking news & the weather /suhni
afraid to turn on the tv afraid not /marlene
at the coca cola classic the stock market rallies /cindy
pretty much as expected march 8th comes & goes /suhni
after our winter tiff in love again with mother nature /marlene
turnback mill another turn back to find it /cindy
honeysuckle & me chasing sunlight all the way to the street /suhni
crushed by an israeli bulldozer an american for peaceful homes /marlene
old tea cup a chip between pheasants /cindy
she jokes about her nervous breakdown & cracks me up /suhni
not a snake in ireland before the slashing of each /marlene
'open in april' jagged icicles on the smoothie sign /cindy
missing each season as it passes even the one i dreaded /suhni
my forgetful mind a painful winter dissolves /marlene
habit forming at a certain hour certain pills by color /cindy
moonlit cherry blossoms there's my cliche for the week /suhni
a poem about 'shrub' who knows the way of haiku /marlene
rabbit ears in the garden and soon the iris /cindy
overheard one of the kids claiming to have eagle hearing /suhni
'speak now or forever hold your peace' gone to pieces /marlene
pond warm up the treefrogs in s . . .ing training /cindy
two days in a row same path same squirrel same 'hello squirrel' /suhni
now we know who's got a direct line to the wargod & it ain't the pope /marlene
off the beaten map remains of a meth lab /cindy
grandma points out the old negro graveyard no markers just wildflowers /suhni
i dare some god-he to come unearth and take me to a pie-in-the-sky /marlene
anti-french craze another freedumb order in the fryer* /cindy
4 consecutive life sentences 44 years of appeals /suhni
one-day trial kopp murder-quilty of a women's doctor /marlene
neighborhood watch crows chase the hawk just because /cindy
late night crone-chat a few shared howls about a wolf /suhni
'all ye are like sheep who have gone astray' or something familiar /marlene
cyberfunk press any key to continue /cindy
general failure dubya's first term /suhni
oh boy today's 'moment of truth' a liar's promise /marlene
the found girl how much of her life will be pry-vate /cindy
next to the rape facts free condoms /suhni
18-year-olds turned into killers for want of a better word /marlene

*refers to freedom fries instead of french fries

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