marlene mountain
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marlene mountain   suhni bell    

one-line linked haiku   june 20 2003-january 29 2004

talk dirty

talk dirty to me the last spring morning with its last drizzle
hush money exchanged in the confessional
outlook for red falls on pink shoulders of a spider plant
hospice worker ribbons for every occasion
a breeze floats in floats back into the oblivion of tomorrow
across the darkest dream a flutter of zen

sweetgrass woven into her baskets into her prayer songs
everyone's god on everyone's side everyone's lost
war supplies i wonder who orders body bags for children
shut in with a good case of humidity
sunrise desert palette twisting its way thru juniper & shale
50 percent chance for separated brains gone
wishing well the koi swim away from both sides of the coin
'hunting for bambi' ie naked women by 'wimps'
in the blues of dusk a wild thought barely escape us
just perfect a fresh garlic alone
unemployed every stray cat in the neighborhood named & fed
muggy day a box turtle in the squishy part

rain flaps through the window into poems of a thunderstorm
sidewalk chalk we hop over dried blood
an old priest murdered in prison if only hell weren't a figment
summer's end the heat still clings  
male oil of yet another male country that's what they crave
adopted my heart is full of not knowing
even this second her thumbprint heavy on the minutes left of me
i hate indecision wait no i don't  
eyes now on pampas as heads undo themselves toward winter
debating the debate before & after the debate
doctor visit & fast food all the patriarchy i can stand for one day
the date twice my age becomes an issue

new year's raking up loose change to turn over new leaves
before the happy ending i teared at the sad part
raped she looks the other way for reasons to blame the victim
how much of the world digs dug-in dubya
suiseki uncovers an old word for an old rock collection
bed-ridden beneath the snow the iris patch

12m iranian twins ladan and laleh bijani
14 las vegas paint-ball safari tho considered a pr hoax by some is nonetheless in the culture's consciousness
21m child molester john geoghan
28s california governor recall debate
35s the japanese art of collecting & displaying naturally formed rocks

lynx 19:2 2004

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