marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku



suhni bell   marlene mountain  

one-line linked haiku   january 4-february 27 2003


stapled to another tree another child missing in the park
on his way to san quentin to jerk off
discounts on bruised bananas next to the rotting vegetables
fresh snow on the getting-even-older hills
talons of a bald eagle and prayer feather for the journey home
countdown and showdown and here i sit

'women's art' in a world devoted to each exploitation of 'the other'
issues around frayed edges
plastic bags worse than paper or paper sacks worse than plastic
wrapped in foil someone's next high next low
finally the end of a long day that wasn't even long enough
sinking into sunset new colors for a dream
an old song & dance not yet frozen in time 'the haiku people blues'
locked horns easy targets for the predator
frantic wren trapped on the screened porch blame it on terrorism
pacing in the dark into the even darker
affirmative action trashed followed by a speech on mlk jr the nerve
uncle sam IS a weapon of mass destruction
heavier the weight of my own breasts after hers are removed
mother/sister au set do you still drape our earth
depends on who and what and which side of town no headlines
an afternoon to run out of words
no smoking gun world leaders conjure up evidence out of thin air
1 in 4 live near a superfund site 4 in 1 w/o funds
unemployed counting pennies counting sheep counting sheep
a famous baby due today forever due
roadkill she did not mean to run over him then over him again
a thawed path to the blacktop not ready to take
leftovers reheated even the after-dinner conversation
a guy's 'freedom fries' to diss the french

late february iris tips in a second push toward the end of purple
seeing thru apache tears after one more tumble
temporary power failure in the valley the power failure at duke
penis envy   sometimes   yes   there i said it
change of scenery changes back no chance of being hung out to dry
the waiting list for rehab has a waiting list has a...

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