marlene mountain
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suhni bell   marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku   october 30-november 20 2002

his face camouflaged

his face camouflaged in shadows the sniper's son apologizes
do we bomb putin who 'gassed his own people'
heroin-based all her decisions those last few weeks before the note
cold creeps into a haiku as it begins
huddled beneath pendleton blankets natives debate immigration
a breeding ground for patriotism nonpatriotism

'love it or leave it' which uncrooked country has a field of daises
buried evidence the invaders are the historians
an idea dropped behind to rot takes hold in a far-fetched mountain
born again every 28 days more or less
i live in moons within calendars which deny our mother's creation
weathered her handprints entering the cave
in damp air a wren calls from a stand of poplars gone autumn
outside the window new colors  d r i f  t   into my palette
warning after the forewarning of that black gold alaskan quake
slick & shifty who's making smallpox a weapon
be a good boy be prepared to believe in anything higher than you
separation of church & state sworn into office on a bible

so many white/male/straight politicians so many pompous comb-overs
pampas grass leans a little out of its place
creaky wooden steps new in town a crow's feather tells my future
older and wiser when needed the least
fresh out of prison barbed wire tattoos ready to keep me unemployed
after they rammed the broom the blue silence
divorce coiled in a glimmer of steel something shimmers in her voice
the polygamist full of his ideals for them
twisting in the wind another lost cause lost on the hill
on the edge a butterfly wing
smoky phantoms and fairy frost healing amethysts on sale
matristic potions charred stakes cooked women

tv talk show all they're still saying give testosterone a fat chance
first light sawmill in the forest after a quiet night
electric heat on lower than necessary in such a hot cruel world
power lines above a billboard for breast cancer awareness
home at last a deer grazes where a grouse grazed this morning
across the courtyard 'honey howdaya spell holler'

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