marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku



 marlene mountain  suhni bell

one-line linked haiku   november 20 2002-january 1 2003

dust bites man

dust bites man a jury finds for the dead woman though still dead
fifteen minutes of fame arrive fashionably late
you're nobody if you're not on the haiku 'watch list' of the fbi
painted desert in a dry swirl of cerulean & burnt sienna
a beach in spain or is it a beach in spain but what it is forever
low tide another moon swing

ancestral voices move even closer a slow dance at dawn
winter solstice just around a stonehenge corner
red light   green light   red light   green light   holiday traffic
martian conspiracies kissinger heads the 9/11 kiss-off
artificial intelligence white house press conferences rehearsed
dear god-he 'are you washed in the' earth
snake goddess a few clay shards still coiled after all this time
new battery a fresh start to hang here alone
the next big race to find caucasian wives then 'sub-races'?
zero-tolerance policy in the hands of empty heads
a few more late night weaves a honeysuckle basket & the grapevine
tangled up in old maybe-poems

brag on a hundred-year-old crony and turn into a pillar of salt
dnc sharks as shark-bait bait gop sharks as shark-bait
sean penn 'a hollywood-type' trashed as unamerican by tv-types
trading post grandma's still glare across the bramble bush
lives under the covers of darkness under the cover of darkness
at the end of the tunnel a train whistle
convenient flat back thru the aisles of winn-dixie a can of tire food
a bed of nails instructions found on the internet
how to suspend a female from a tree & quarter only the beginning
an apple a day i think i don't like eve
from the ark's alpha sperm or 'out of africa' smoking guns galore
seven-point doe the art of taxidermy mastered

a certain dullness sinks into the end of a very long brainstorm
without much evidence the daylily patch
her suicide note sent without stamps returned to sender
unworldly now most of the world
alienated they don't clone the black sheep   do they?
the last and the first of a male calendar

10m/19m they resign--more proof that haiku can change the world

Lynx 18:2 2003

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