marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain   suhni bell

one-line linked haiku    march 2-april 22 2003


democracy tossed about in the wind as a real word/real world
a tighter grip the roller coaster veers right
heartened by the small bit of orange a butterfly already gone
color-coded alerts waiting for the pink...
no doubt march 8th marchers imprinted in the big boy files
mounting evidence against pedophile priests

another goddess worshipper makes me wish i had known marija
barely on purpose uncovered the deep past
the danger in planting mine fields and then retracing your own steps
the yak-yak revised is saddam dead or alive
a new dance of the seven veils even the impostors have doubles
far longer than i watch them three deer watch me
such a narrow sliver of light at the end of tunnel vision
with god on every side so little room for the devil
shuffling half the deck i accuse myself of cheating at solitaire
spring snow in most of the tv lies to someone else
the economic crisis effects prostitution that really sucks
into the crevices of mother nature her leafy mold

kill and degrade overused so handy the masculine 'soften up'
hiv the only positive news this week
the heat of early spring a piliated low across the bulldozed path
growling over a wishbone two strays
nothing i can do about much one of the four tulips in bloom
something loud in their silence waiting for the cicadas
seen and not heard a female grouse heard but not seen a male
rocky mountain oysters just send me the bill
'baghdad falls' go dubya go with your constitution and calculator
crimson dust soldiers settle into desert sun
dogwood winter restless nature clothes hang inside to dry
you're closer to a barefoot walk you little piggies

weeds or wildflowers between a rock & a hard place what's the dif
swept away with their homes crayfish
first scent of rain on the balcony i fold & unfold her letter
the moon so full it belongs outside a haiku
shaking the kaleidoscope like dice there you go a new pattern
the blues nina simone of the night

7s archeologist marija gimbutas [1921-1994]
36m [1933-2003] 'mississippi goddam!' dr simone's first protest song

lynx 8:3 2003

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