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suhni bell    marlene mountain   

one-line linked haiku    april 26-june 23 2003

buried at sea

buried at sea life lines unravel in the palms of a killer's hands
the rage 'sars' masks with designer prints
a prism sneaks into a storm sneaks into a memory of a storm
dirty relief for the feet of a butterfly weed
prom night another runaway & another date that really sucks
just to set the record straight i always was

stolen from the rr tracks yellow irises now cold and staked
revisionist dictionary the rapist redefines rape
under the guise of haiku a war of pretty words turned petty
car bombs in israel palestinian mothers cry too
a few of the first purples kissed a few of the dying-out kissed
thru the grapevine always more sour grapes
what's not next french or freedom fries at mcdonald's in iraq
road map for peace lost in a maze of ruins
no godliness little cleanliness a spring high in my own nature
that time of month blood is thicker than water
empty nest syndrome the phoebe catches heck for nothing
mud-caked the fragrance of last year's green

third cup of coffee the to-do list added to the waste-of-time list
oops missed dubya's speechwriter's dubya speech
more terrorist alerts somehow less alarmed with each false alarm
when gone will the daylilies have anyone to take care of
wrapped in so many restless nights even the wind talks in circles
how to ruin a mountain if it has a top
drums not drugs we follow bumper stickers onto sacred ground
around the little pond what likes to be around
tainted evidence the first stagnant slaps of a west nile summer
lined up dick-deep to trash martha and hillary
thru the stutters i mean shutters a streak of the morning after
a perfect age for the new worries

awake before the humidity before the pain before the primroses
a change of pace something else to step in
never moonless tho trampled littered flagged and shadowed
near the window her aloneness
'both sides' doesn't include me and perhaps a gang of 'the others'
chosen vs unchosen who on earth keeps score

24m 50 years of ego up everest
35m simone de beauvoir: he is the absolute--she is the other

lynx 18:3 2003

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