marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain     suhni bell

one-line linked haiku   october 14-28 2002

a sweet rain

a sweet rain from mother nature trashed by 'the weather channel'
i change out of my wet t-shirt contest mentality
bought lock stock and barrel a parade for christopher the wise guy
columbus 'godfather' controversy no shit
in the homes of women where patriarchal ideals run rampant
innocence grinds to a halt after mass

people of color moving targets in the caste system E Pluribus Unum
in go the do-gooders out goes the culture
we ran from the indian school & the missionary position
so much cleaner not to believe anyone's stuff
fourteen-year-old's pockets empty except for raspberry condoms
escapist from the economy the take-him-out prez
digging up just enough dirt to make a mountain out of a molehill
early neolithic female art is female art is art
dreaming ceremony just the light of the moon awakens me
out of this world the place i live the most
'everybody knows me here' those voices in my head all speak at once
a conspiracy that's even further vast than right

leaves smeared in fog on the most potential haiku branch a crow
flying far above the hawks eventually  doves
much to overturn not rocks to find how males ran it from the ground
six feet under dead men don't talk they w h i s p e r
chief moose maybe it's a bonnie and a clyde or a cross-dresser or
ken & barbie the inbreeding finally catches up
'tis the season to jump the tracks of railroaded myths galore
under the bridge graffiti surrounds petroglyphs
scratched into my blood the appearance & disappearance of purple
iris bulbs in a burlap sack all but forgotten
back from the clothesline and hung up in html 'back to main contents'
code talkers too many hidden in those private lists

lesson learned unlearned still tripping over the guard i let down
out for revenge the thirsty americans
pledging allegiance to different flags the haves & the have-nots
'train up a child in the way' of adult crap
a blur of razor straps & green switches we respect our elders
weeping willow abused

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