marlene mountain
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probably 'real' renga sorta

marlene mountain        francine porad

one-line linked haiku 5    december 25-30 2001

a basket

a basket of clothes to the line the pins just beginning to thaw
sun rays glitter the frost endless airport wait-time
a jar of peanut butter just for the wrens & other frequent flyers
heads up duck decoy near an ironwood eagle
imprisoned mother on drugs to justify society's pedestal ideal
great new lawyer TV show T
he Guardian

one advocate can make a difference voters swarm the town meeting
i decide to do one thing end up doing another
an attitude like Scarlett O'Hara's I'll think about it tomorrow
the land imprinted within more to feel than to see
snow in the distant foothills bleak and deep quarry of sand and gravel
cave by cave what's a mother nature to do
bonds that bind both adopted best friends discover they are brothers
what about our rensmate kris you think she's ok
silence surrounds the silence within finding the right words
behind the scenes hope i hope among the enemies
father of the neighborhood bully applauds his son's 'gumption'
meanwhile back at the white ranch

unfortunately a gardening book opened a raised bed of tomatoes
trellis home of one wrinkled leaf
'exercise common sense' dr scholl's shoes wait near the woodstove
...but where is Osama bin Laden running
fake social security number a deadbeat dad in the next county
'String him up!' Richard Reid will get a fair trial
a ball to fall a ball to kick two more potentially-bad days coming up
'What's good about it?' response to 'Good morning!'
bored with the stash of so-i-won't-have-to-go-anywhere food
chick-flicks eight-hour tape of romantic comedies
whatta joke one of the most violent countries praises its way of life
awake all night planning a haibun of sorts The Last Word

another opinionated editor my thanks to Werner for his feedback
self-spooked i refrain from closing the can of worms
not even a pretense of plans for New Year's Eve maybe build a fire
bedspread from my sixteenth year 'modern' design
homemade chutney in a fancy little jar the flavor of plums
winter solstice just keeps on giving

Lynx 17:2 2002

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