marlene mountain
oneline linked haiku



kris kondo   marlene mountain   francine porad

other rens book seven

part 1: painted grin
1 exile tile versatile rile while chamomile
2 heil dial reconcile self-denial domicile awhile
3 file sundial infantile smile erstwhile bass viol
4 erectile isle senile style aisle beguile
5 irreconcile denial trial juvenile bibliophile compile
6 mile defile pile meanwhile vial genial
part 2: dew fills the lily
1 ship penmanship blip chip slip grip
2 equip tip readership companionship cowslip unzip
3 skip membership nip weatherstrip lip flip
4 rip courtship gyp leadership yip outstrip
5 censorship airstrip snip battleship quip swordsmanship
6 seamanship clip ownership hip hyp kip
7 gadabout devout without scout sprout waterspout
part 3: ah
1 brae runaway decay Saturday disobey prepay
2 Tuesday grey survey undersay birthday risqué
3 foyer café au lait underlay portray beret melee
4 sway caraway array byway matinee convey
5 OK bouquet hearsay interplay overstay née
6 resumé papier maché clay weigh negligée May

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