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other rens book five & book six   2001
one-line linked haiku

book six 

part 3: the last dance

m f k

in the custody of the court the twin baby girls and thousands more
a life sentence for the ten-year-old killer
at least that one that is one thing i won't have to fight for
mother nature's land a tenant since august '71
conservation, charge of my ideas and ideals
what's in my care it may seem i don't care

m k f

if i weren't born when i was i'd love to be in old africa a hominid
give me a technicality i'll show you a loophole
married, engaged or unavailable for one reason or another
tv drug ads the spooky side-effects said fast
an electric eel hics as it undulates did it wink as i passed the tank
so fanciful blame it on poor light

k m f

at least a verse a day since January first two thousand and one
a broken record what i say in spring
same thoughts again and again exclamation points after his initials
back turned on both diary & moon this frozen morn
had i not written things i wouldn't have known who i was then & now
journal entry begins: dark clouds rush northward

k f m

turned to stone i can't even send the box my ex asked for COD
awaited delivery from Pizza Hut cash handy
send your free poems to the contest with money and a sase
like a red plum petal the seal on the receipt
FREE! VAL-PAK MAILING (With Purchase Of New Client Marketing Program)
hose down & house the prisoner then what

f m k

DNA tests on newborns and parents Daddy isn't always the daddy
in a nutshell his fear it isn't his his fear it is his
like father like husband fathers stoically worrying themselves sick
I lucked-out with Bernard: role model for our kids
love that i'm my father's daughter yet who really was he and why
what did one old Swede say to his neighbour 'nut-ing'

f k m

the third time may be the charm grad school application
burned again by the word 'always'
just the right time and temperature whatever they are today
acting awards so many ways to say thanks
with cherry buds swelling what was all that fuss about a Ph.D.
entrenched after a big degree's third degree

m k f

no idea as i studied the nude how women's bodies would be degraded
each flower as it blooms unashamed
gyrating in front of the mirror satin barely covering breasts
male private parts censored by males
my sumi sprites show all and go all the way inoffensively
I look more like Venus of Willendorf each day

m f k

tweedledee and tweedledumb will outsmart most people mostly
my guess as to who's who
a mischievous glint in one eye a villainous twinkle in the other
barely conjoined the chinese men with families
like Siamese twins or birds 'dum and 'dee stick together
two pods in the same pea

k m f

goddesses we may be all but to be ripped to pieces by a sister?
divide and conquer by that time in 'hisstory'
element Nb named for Niobe daughter of Tantalus how tantalizing
a wild wind mourns unceasingly among leafless trees
women more ancient than greece strong on regeneration of selves
my brain can stay though I'd OK a new shape

k f m

it's in the tone and timbre of the voice not in the words uttered
'With whom am I having this pleasure?'
land-grabbing neighbors up in my face barely into our 'chat'
an apology graciously accepted
after '...and what does your psychiatrist say about your outbursts?'
how many hold their piece to keep the peace

f m k

editor sends out a call for comical haiku only a minimum of ten
as she talks about her family i get the giggles
rollicking tales by a young British wife of a Kyushu Buddhist priest
sometimes strange what another thinks humorous
at the expense of others the comedians meet their expenses plus
overcome by a laughing fit at a telephone salesman

f k m

moving neighbor's gift for any charity she hands me a bag of cash
funky chat group party on line i drink peach wine
realities i'm unable to solve seep into those unnecessary to solve
dentist capable to give her a 'Hollywood smile'
wrens have gotten another day i would rather avoid started
easier to say i'm ok than to say this & that

m f k

the little-bitty pond with a scummy space for whatever needs it
mother and child view the rain puddles
how many times a day do i actually stop time with a blank stare
on hold things needed to be done on paper
art exhibit of floral watercolor paintings hoping for a surprise
mindset of the president of the garden society

m k f

parking lots golf courses other artificial turfs the world's come to
how people love to label what's wrong with me
now a postnasal drip against my better judgment I ask: what next
'business lobby' even more in charge of life & death
learning to scratch my head rather than my eyes cypress pollen allergy
a named ailment for each complaint

k m f

under a macaroni bear 'thanks mom for always watching over me'
lots of dough to contemplate a suburban zen garden
to feel 'dolled up' the macaroni or wax-candle-drippings necklace?
another newfangled gadget for the Goodwill box
one of the dandies 'stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni'
was he the guy who discovered wireless telegraphy?

k f m

always want to add another 'd' 'cos it seems like a long odd trip to me
a haiku journey through time and space
deadly pursuit of a woman's rights thru the crap of 'maledumbination'
after 30 years a vegetable plot to trek to
travels of a slug from tomato plants to marigold seedlings
mama nature creates the way a tadpole becomes a frog

f m k

don't you remember you 'discovered me' at the last dance?
to open up with wrens and flock together
beyond the laptop glowing on the kitchen table stars come out
crescent moon one lifetime is not enough
'the discovery channel' a continual discovery of adjectives & adverbs
the first leaves of the first potatoes i ever planted

f k m

no need to agree at Old Country Buffet eight desserts on display
let's all agree that it's ok to disagree
'fear' a common word in the media for another drop in stocks
trapped by a phone survey on journalism
we conceded the paradox of marriage ah the moon's reflection!
after a long drawn-out process i agree with myself

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