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other rens book five & book six
one-line linked haiku

book 5
part1: snapping turtles

1 nomad insipid ironclad overdid Pleiad lid
2 skid rabid forbade/forbad myriad thrid outdid
3 dad eyelid kid pad dryad naiad et/it
4 Corvette definite quit quickwit misfit armpit
5 statuette whet regret banquet moonlit tidbit
6 Tibet permit epithet sit requisite unsubmit
part 2: the moon winks
1 trow moon glowoleo snow studio undergo
2 cameo indigo slow pistachio touch and go seraglio
3 outgrow New Mexico rainbow gazebo braggodoccio incognito
4 extremist analyst conversationalist blacklist closefist kissed
5 modernist evolutionist pathologist harpistlutist/linguist somnambulist
6 hissed coexist dramatist Cubist pist/pissed insist
part 3: seen and heard
1 brave forgave grave behave knave shave
2 octave enslave glaive nave suave save
3 lave conclave rave misgave engrave wave
4 chucklehead tread inhabited limited garlanded bedspread
5 overfed merited unwed spirited thread turreted
6 inherited gingerbread inbred visited unsaid shed

book 6
part 1:
through the maze
1 irresolution ablution restitution dilution constitution pollution
2 involution volution destitution substitution elocution diminution
3 circumvolution distribution prostitution contribution electrocution solution
4 unloose vamoose goose papoose noose introduce
5 reduce reproduce chartreuse truce deuce Toulouse
6 seduce misuse produce profuse deduce excuse
7 penny pinching string saving energy conserving
8 onhold undoing cool collecting empowering
9 hereupon drawn mastodon enchiridion Babylon yon
part 2: memory chip
1 virginity mimicry Tennessee memory spree tea
2 prophecy tree hospitality quackery proximity abalone
3 bakery ABC subjectivity adversity thee me
4 fidgety gallery whimsicality promiscuity expediency anemone
5 bigotry vicinity sleepy he/she university academy
6 discordancy stupidity canopy potpourri booty scenery
part 3: the last dance
1 custody technicality diary COD paternity degree
2 nudity Tweedledee Niobe courtesy hilarity actuality
3 stagnancy malady macaroni Odyssey discovery agree
4 dignity intimacy burglary compatibility brevity conviviality
5 be/Bea/bee extraterritoriality artistry colony authenticity vitality
6 oddity oversee rickety fatality morality mystery

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