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trio of wrens  [other rens book four]  2000
one-line linked haiku 

part one: bound together

k f m

pre-cell-phone era teenager's parents pacing the long night long
sixteen-year-old drivers play 'chicken'
fbi 'to understand the criminal you must look at the crime' duh
so when does the Miss Adventure contest start
to be announced: whether or not Microsoft will be split-up
what fun new hearings by the right-wing

k m f

wandering the aisles of the video rental shop as the moon wanes
probably a movie in the works my heart didn't go out
we needed a wrencher to fix the plumbing dollars down the drain
son in Sr. High front hall a motorbike repair shop
kid next door had to 'worsh and wrench' his hands before supper
saying goodbye after a too short visit

m k f

they'll hang onto the rebel flag until the money that made it runs out
afraid of the strings attached to his 'settlement'
rather than staying in dentures popped out onto the lunch table
took most of my life to get free from most of my life
a cuckoo of its own will flies back through the cage's open door
no contract binds us wrens together

m f k

the last straw i'd have to leave the valley earlier if i kept cows
my hands clench reading of flood victims
waffling starts again inside my soul hold on or let go
'follow the money'
Marci calls: I'm coming home for Mother's Day...isn't that sweet?
cheap fare to Montreal for my high school reunion

f m k

I'll wager a guess on which journals will publish which poems
'well i double-dare you' through the screen door
waiting for the application for the flea market in Central Park
kids debate a popcorn stand vs. lemonade stand
to the snow-cone syrup rep re profit 'i make them like i like them'
a stuffed bear repeats ya gotta believe!

f k m

Diet Coke is my preferred beverage winter spring summer and fall
finger draws a frowny-face on the Kool-Aid pitcher
josh and i climb to 'our secret place' and drink from the rocks
gray day storm clouds heading this way
green's always been my favorite color and tea too
for my spirit the odor and feel of leaf mold

k f m

the puck whizzes but each second drags in the penalty box
May Day time to sit in the yard and smell the flowers
tired i plop down and pull out poison ivy in rain with no gloves
teacher won't look little girl head to toe in a rash
guilty of contempt the judge issues a bench warrant for his arrest
john rocker mooned as he arrives from the bullpen

k m f

all the bedding airing eyes glued to the computer thunder rolls
unsatisfied mother nature keeps washing my clothes
after the trip sorting laundry into piles of light and dark
mid-marathon a welcome shower
violence over the walls covered with hate symbols too
wet cloths stop the nosebleed

m k f

word has it my haiku don't meet the standards of the standardizers
workin' on appeasing my own worst
I may dislike the gossipers more than the doers blame the media
looking at my new resume as if a harried Human Resources clerk
tactful criticism 'live and let live'

m f k

determined to repair the damage to this sweet earth morning rain
the horrid gardeners are back digging up new shoots
i love 'weeds' and the jungle allowed to grow around my house
will i sell a piece of the land to move deeper in
little guy pokes the swarming ant hill with a pine branch
light and dark hiding shadow to shadow

f k m

Shirley Temple's set of false teeth to cover those coming-and-going
appointment set for June first partial
might as well have plates the nuisance of the tmj splint
using mint dental floss to tie a balloon
recurring nightmare deja vu reality as the cap simply crumbled
was the cherry tree cut down for teeth

f m k

debentures may be safer Wall Street's roller-coaster ride
the slide from riches to rags
bought a book at the airport The Courage to be Rich
bonding with the guy who has money
nothing else a 'fortune' in land and art too deeply personal to let go
debts of the soul how to repay them?


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