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kris kondo  marlene mountain  francine porad

trio of wrens  [other rens book four]  2000
one-line linked haiku 

part two: forever & tomorrow

august 18-22 2000
m k f

are we going back to ‘pentagone spending’ by ‘pentagoons’
five-sided the faces shown to the public
one serious episode of West Wing features U.S. Navy admirals
afraid of gay men the fighting men
another homestudy geometry test card sent to Nebraska by fax
my son’s reports use plain talk not Pentagonese

m f k

over my house the great blue and i meet at the little pond
Blue Heron Art Gallery exhibit of abstract work
exchanged glances with the still bird dominating the rice fields
to live in a heron’s nest or do i already
behind glass in the zoo’s bird house brass herons among reeds
poised over the sketchbook white pastel

f m k

fraternity and sorority houses with only a few real Greeks
secrets of date-rape held close to the chest
Greek waiter at a summer resort near Tanglewood Mass.
diokete upselon = aim high
naive and odd an inner pledge to understand art stuff
asked if I had been a hippie in college

f k m

white gloves of the magician the white dove no longer in its cage
any thoughts of reconciliation totally vanished
to get along the old woman stacks wood of varying lengths
Care Center new folk at this year’s party
wren identity waxes as wife identity wanes
voice mail i ask for my money back

k m f

thought this rhymed with own not on embarrassed Midwesterner
hot day it’s fritoes and a bologna sandwich
big ‘pig-out’ at the State Fair starts with scones and strawberry jam
fond memories of international playgroups in the early 80’s
fortunately don’t have what’s needed for the rubber chicken circuit
experiment: triangular cookie cutouts on a baking sheet

k f m

ta ta, tootle loo, after while crocodile, good night shirt, see you anon...
soon we’ll find out who’s still alive on West Wing
the sheriff interrupts himself once more to specify ‘alleged’
so many great verses ‘author unknown’
I remember trying to decide just how to sign my first painting
so much of my work forgotten by me

august 22-28 2000
k f m

late August Nippon humidity I long for gills so I can breathe
tumbled where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic
so far no radiation detected the sub so far below so close
the raging tears of women kin sedated in public
an old shower curtain catches the drips paper-making class
a disease that’s just no fun not suppose to sweat

k m f

a new zodiac of stuffed toys only the Pegasus sold out
invasion by horseback old europe without horses
I wouldn’t mind having wings if I needn’t be an angel as well
soaring behind the moon for peek-a-boo
spaceships any named after a greek ‘shevinity’ or not
writer’s retreat I wear my horse pin

f m k

let’s start near the beginning at least it follows Genesis
global nature please japanese beetles go home
relieved oldest siblings as ancestors and relatives leave
graveside service a slow exit
no one stops as tillie tooter’s car’s rammed off the bridge
a block-buster passed by at Blockbuster’s

f k m

after I tangle cars my dad’s truss holds a hernia in place
bundled up in the boot months of recyclables
so tied to this place nothing else i want to enjoy
turkey legs folded, bound and ready to cook
Barbie Dolls lined up on the shelves of TOYS R US
a used mouse sends me back to the wrist splint

m f k

summer garden talk turns to watch out it’ll take over
four gardeners three hours to remove the ivy
erased the uncountable times I longed for one who wasn’t there
100' x whatever a bare hillside i mulch daily
mentally calling him a twerp as he beats me at poker again
colourful chips a myriad of uses in English classes

m k f

attn: discovery channel the she-lion is merely ‘doing lunch’
a study in how chimpanzees divide their spoils
tigers and cheetahs take turns at the watering hole
junk-food supper not animal vegetable mineral
Japan style stuns Nathan’s end-of-the-century hot dog contest
symbolic food for soccer team predators

august 22-27 2000
k f m

the past three years preluded by a trip through the Yangtze Gorges
we change planes our luggage doesn’t
little-print dictionary one-lens glasses i fake this link
passionate about this perversely chosen word
how quickly changeable the manic-depressive now labeled bipolar
can’t he budge one iota old jesse helms

k m f

alone in my house I slept with nothing between me and the moon
‘fine art nudes’ naked to the men and children
clinging and see-through clothes what’s left to the imagination
how sexy do you find sumo rikishi?
taken to a bar specializing in big-breasted ‘mama-sans’
voluptuous more proposals than propositions

f m k

a romance turned sour tears of frustration on her face
in love with the soil top middle sub and beyond
counting the lovers who kissed me nowhere but in my dreams
‘love is blind’ ‘a perfect match’
aroused by the wrong man ‘familiarity breeds contempt’
‘Is it looove or sooomething different?’*
*donna the buffalo song

f k m

their never-ending cycle of buying, discarding, buying
want to step back and outsmart bad habits
ok by me if we three could ‘other rens’ forever & tomorrow
writing regimen: a regular time and place
pulling at my brain as well as my leg, stretching my brain
on-hold music on-hold music on-hold - music?

m f k

eventually and mostly detractors of my art come around
undue attention to the painted zinnia
my kids let off steam with silliness our giggles circle the moon
done in more by not wanting to do dishes
number one on the list to prevent road rage: write bad haiku
drivers’ licenses revoked: Dad, Mil, Bil, ex & son...

m k f

yahweh late in the tradition of thunder and lightning gods
an echo heard over the phone from Jerusalem
the horse chestnut thrown strikes a car I deny everything
where the rubber meets the road lovers lane
huge black clouds building billowing over ripening corn
lightning flashes a boom so soon after


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