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kris kondo  marlene mountain  francine porad

trio of wrens  [other rens book four]  2000
one-line linked haiku 

part three: yin/yang in a whirl

august 27-30 2000
m k f

feminine & masculine how many people have these words hurt
yin/yang in a whirl of incense
blurring of the sexes the girl wears army shoes the boy five earrings
not allowed to participate she’s born to wear a dress
Anna’s boyfriend’s mom advises him not to let her break his heart
four marriage proposals by the time I turned seventeen

m f k

mandolin fiddle & banjo let that downhome bluegrass begin
heavenly music an angel plucks the strings*
yes that’s the instrument to take up for my after years
mother maybelle the autoharp in her voice**
mandolin’s shape an abstract of curves and straight lines
pregnant with sound belly against belly
*'Mary, Queen of Heaven' by a Flemish master, active 1480-1489;
Samuel H. Kress Collection 1952
**of the carter family

f m k

rude to laugh powdered sugar bits clinging to the hairs on her chin
a tough go yet why not make light of it
little pig’s chinny chin chin send Japanese into gales of laughter
again he tries to pull himself up on the bar
an overbite that shapes the face that shapes the personality
forever hanging in there

f k m

neighborhood quieted down crows and school bus leave together
ear drops only the noise from inside my head
john’s haiku ‘fussing of the titmice’ a welcomed sound every day*
Burundi when is war ever civil
roots in cracked soil sunflowers face towards the downpour
new york tennis fans a different breed of sound
*john wills (1921-1993)

k f m

Anne between a rock and a hard place fierce intense dignity
lots of company when bigamy is allowed
when a man loves a woman* he loves her ‘rage haiku’**
with ’er ’ead tuck’d underneath ’er arm
charges of adultery and high treason was she guilty or innocent
poor old insecure henry probably 1/8th of a brain
*songwriter percy sledge **poet serge tome

august 30-31 2000
m f k

‘i forget if i don’t write everything down’ what a lucky person
hope these ‘rens’ show my gargantuan love of life
small ponds form in one huge round footprint after another
who in the world thought to ride on an elephant
the gal in the sparkly pink tutu eyed by the circus clowns
a billboard turned into a side of a barn

f m k

smiling woman blew out 100 candles on her cake with one breath
great satisfaction to explain the ad to an executive
pebbles, rocks, driftwood call to me from the river bed aha I smile
happy campers a watermelon chills in the stream
within the flora and fauna doe and i eat from the same tree
toothless first graders say cheese

september 1-3 2000
k m f

on a surge of insecurity then a sunset walk wipes it away
gullywash silt replaces silt trash replaces trash
spawning season: salmon pass the fish ladder into the lake’s upswell
prone on the bottom of a boat I gaze at the sky
part of the problem part of the solution the land’s grip on me
riding into the sunset the music swells

m k f

downhill means i’ve been uphill in the trees past the deer path
maneuvering huge rocks my knees laugh
over the hill and ready to birthday in two days
a tired afternoon in the sound of cicadas
fake snow year round for snow boarding in the metropolis
bird’s-eye view below the ski lift

m f k

in the quest to pronounce my difficult names i’d forget nell
plain Jane for a movie star’s daughter
longing for the book I gave away of meanings of names
in a special space like jodie foster’s portrayal with pictured samples the death knell
mindlessly humming ‘a bicycle built for two’

september 3-6 2000
k m f

if only the cage door had been left open how much sweeter the song
to be a morning glory and a night owl
the quiet...none of the birds I know and love stays up late
ancient tapestry seems to sing
the chickadees today a no-show when i called with seed
Fred the parrot banging his cage and squawking

m k f

a little tennis during spongebob squarepants commercials
on the wall above phone & fax a whole year’s plan
pick any topic a different opinion touted by each of my six kids
haiku about anything and everything this woman’s view
hold on to a curiosity that wants to see every side of everything
using the left then the right half of the brain

m f k

one way or t’other fond of saying: this is not your father’s haiku
forty years yet I remember Dad each day
clouds after a typhoon farewell gestures awkward on both sides
more leaves on the ground less on the trees
an orange tabby on the stone steps trying to take our dog’s place
crescent moon slips behind snowy mountains

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