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other rens book two & book three  2000
one-line linked haiku   

book 2 part 2: into all worlds

m f k

water's sound entwined with frog's jump equal ye olde kerplunk
skipping stones a pastime for kids and adults
that cube of rose bathsalts as it enters a steamy inviting tub
gulls and a 'copter above the latest debris field
plunking down their bets on green felt dollars the hard way
daughter's new laptop plopped casually on the counter

m k f

even more snowed in a late night attempt at junk food creation
anything i see winks at me its infinite possibilities
desire for class the country store's prominent sign JUNQUE
'spam haiku' denigrates both
concentrating on clearing out the old to be ready for the new
cleaned off one shelf couch piled high

f m k

that blankety-blank osteoporosis hide the six-foot ruler
if a shrink isn't already shrunk i just might do it
Japanese cartoon robot Doraemon's famous small light
sci-fi movie terrorized 'doll people'
nothing more to report the reporters kept on reporting
saw the moon rise now it's midsky

f k m

the sun is up the skies are blue I'm an optimist how about you
as funky as they come a grin as wide as a sunrise
hanging in unprepared for the worst unprepared for the best
blind date at first sight good looks matter
humming out of tune holding hands in a white chevy convertible
a little head on a muscle-bound body in tiny briefs

k f m

mischievous cheekiness in every cell's DNA oh what a family!
different way today of saying 'that kid's got spunk'
finally agassi decided to be number one in the world and he is*
met a young lady who swims with dolphins
undaunted hands into fists and chin-up he runs the dark street
golly what nancy drew can do
*tennis player

k m f

can a poetess or poet ever resist the temptation of Pandora's box?
nuthatch on the poplar heading down of course
luggage packed traveling south through the redwood forest
my old college trunk still a coffee table for my niece
found little kids dead in cars without a way out of the boots
trunk as coffin still another crime-family show

m f k

democratic convention the year archer bunker got votes
snowstorm double-decker beds available
house dug into the side of a hill cool in summer, cozy in a blizzard
bunker-mentality how many far-right gun 'collectors'
'I challenge that statement' motto of the budding attorney
i remember what he made out of discarded 2 x 4's

m k f

between rocks on the alaskan shore after all this time exxon oil
mysterious substance in daycare playgrounds
athlete's foot advertised product for the crud between his toes
inside the broken-down modem inside the lungs
nose wrinkled in disgust as I emptied and washed Mom's ash trays
R-rated: nudity, violence, adult language, adult content

f k m

another piece of the Titanic retrieved from the ocean depths
five-year-old cries for four hours after the chick-flick
dragged into the depths of the porn industry for college tuition
2nd grader pointing I like him but he likes her
a heart-shaped stone skipped almost all the way across the stream
bogged down in depression her delusions resurface

f m k

football Sunday a boisterous bunch in front of the TV
an art student from east grand forks: 'shit-faced'
grad party on the Concord the punch of champagne and vodka
thirsty after swimming water everywhere
high on their habitat creatures of habit in a winter wetland
the moon in my teacup more than enough for me

k m f

my mood swung between a funk and funky anything communicated?
next winter a washtub of dirt inside to sneak a feel
the fraidycat gratified the rest of the world shares her fears
funky, my friend and favorite word for the past two years
the old days when funk and wagnalls was where to look it up*
Tuesday down to the road with stinky garbage
*Funk & Wagnalls Standard Handbook

k f m

a plain old-fashioned donut dipped into a cafe latte of Seattle's Best
Super Sonics basketball team whiz Gary Payton
slam-dunk 'bad' republican mccain over bush in new hampshire
summers with my cousins more in the lake than out
taking the plunge which sections of the manuscript to mail where
'seinfeld' episode: dangers of double-dipping the chip


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