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other rens book two & book three  2000
one-line linked haiku 

book 2
part 2: into all worlds

m k f

larry king rebukes the rabbi who rebukes the christian who
estranged husband labeled incorrigible by friend
You're wrong! she shouts from the next room then repeats it
dentist: i find your work violent therefore you
as I learn not to sit in a pile of self-loathing a lotus blooms
blue Monday tongue-lashing scars not visible

f m k

ever notice how many dogs are named Prince, Queenie and Rex
hepburn or not no silly macho movie with wayne
so very, very weary of the silent types or supercilious types
a duchess couldn't have more fun than I
duke university library surely wants a copy of other rens by us
with a whop from my goddess I understand

k f m

you can call me, my dreams and fantasies whatever you will
one red tulip in a Skagit Valley field of gold
missed the flounder an ankle wound an 8-month belly at the er
no matter how it's won the victory so sweet
nephew's name on Missing and Unclaimed Assets in the U.S. list
by then out of love those first haiku

Haiku Light (web) 2000

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