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other rens book two & book three  2000
one-line linked haiku   

book 2 part 1: kicking up heels 1

f k m

three-year-old ghost of Christmas present each wrap torn and taped
shudder to remember how my soul candle was snuffed out
uncle sam says january third we widows get a few bucks raise
art auction first image shows through aquamedia layers
our house has quiet neighbors three farm family grave sites
not what it used to be a mind of my own

f m k

no resting on laurels in the air the scent of pine and holly
off the coast in these worn mountains
a freckle-faced kid skims the valley in brand new rollerblades
from ocean to ocean the same scary news: terrorists
the bad curve a car sails across my drive into the bottom land
idle enough to open my eyes and mouth to spring rain

k m f

a bottle of pink Pokemon Chanmery* to toast the holiday season
even better than 39 40 and 50 i like being sixty
magical double-digit years and tonight's bright solstice moon
black sesame paste spread thick on warm bread
a fortune for this run-down house anywhere near toasty
34 degrees outside action under two goosedown quilts
*a soft drink imitation of Japanese champagne

k f m

quirky Aquarian self-confidence so often taken as boasting
'I love me I love me my picture's on the shelf'*
as if they're suited to be talking 'bout stuff talking suits
gift for his 'disowned' daughter 'best vest in Boston'
...and what happened to my flat flat stomach and graceful hands
yes i can i can eat more chocolate than you
flapper era song

m f k

hard drive crash in a space unused solstice greetings hang
midnight a mailbox stuffed with tardy holiday cards
somewhere between Japan and Seattle some stranded sumi sprites
around here they say: dumb as a post
caryatids support the porch ceiling art through the ages
dream of horse-trotting rhythm between tight legs

m k f

except in my mind moon in perigee not even almost seen
midnight valley clouded sky nearly all back-lit
Seattle skyline from my deck the view I love the most
utmost in tv hype anything beginning with e
New Year's singing contest the reds battle the whites
the restaurant can hold one hundred drunks max

Lynx April 2000

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