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other rens book two & book three  2000
one-line linked haiku 

book 3
part three: confetti to sweep up

m k f

she asks if it will kill the iris to transplant during menstruation
I break thru my own taboos with 'wren' friends
the thou-shall-not commandments have a good reason for being
a healthy baby springs from the 'kissing cousins'
infidelity talk all the rage but the 'three monkeys' for battered families
mixed-race child: hybrid vigor at its finest

f k m

the swaying gal on his chest is definitely not his mother
may still get a blossom petal behind my left ear
regarding tattoos the closest i'll come are annual flu shots
ritual scarring in circular patterns
onto wet skin the mysteries of Nepal are transferred
she pulls up her sleeve a nazi number

k f m
a mourning dove weaves her call into my dream of sailing
spring pairing of birds and humans
years ago the appearance of brooks' high/coo magazine
no clone to send to Decatur World Conference
cooing over the new-born babies in hospital wing B
what is it then that doveturtles say

Frogpond 23:3 2000

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