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other rens book two & book three  2000
one-line linked haiku 

book 2

kicking up heels: 4
december 28-31 1999

m f k

'summer's albino wren' a poem that defined a beginning
and now winter the slim peckings
slowly grind my sumi in delight of getting to know those birds
back for peanut butter wrens and song sparrows
a fierce-eyed crow on the fence in swooping position
still eating Xmas chicken on New Year's eve

m k f

of course i like to say owom as in 'all the woms had an owom'
reluctantly told next renku performance on my birthday
out of a sixteen-year coma happy new year decade century
times square welded manhole covers locked mailboxes
bright cloud-filled sky of the solstice moonset imitates sunrise
mystery and magic of numbers double chai bodes well

f k m

lifelike salmon on a plaque about to leap off the wall
Dad's gun collection stolen out of locked cabinets
at least 25 years groundhog dens by the old-timey apple trees
studio apartment cozy for two crowded with three
photo through a dark doorway a futon with an antique quilt
'den of thieves' mr testosterone's internal memo*
*Bill Gates

f m k

New Year's Day every hour on the hour 20th-century highlights
no christian terrorism on the infamous birthday
'life is what happens while you're busy makin' other plans'*
do parents ever stop worrying about their children?
oops already eaten the can of french-style green y2k beans
computer's hum tomorrow will there be anything!
*John Lennon

k m f

still wondering what that man thought I meant when I wrote 'amen'
baptist deacon a smoke outside
Bar Mitzvah service the shine of hair clips anchoring yarmulkes
stained glass window first oil painting with a palette knife
pagan: country dweller heathen: from the heath heretic: able to choose
grateful to be alive this day amen amen

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