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other rens book two & book three  2000
one-line linked haiku 

book 3
part 3: confetti to sweep up 4

f k m

Sunday afternoon I'd love to stroll on the Island of La Grande Jatte
in a blossom swirl my world turns dotty
'chicago chicago' art institute cezanne's 2-d table changed my eyes
378 Paris art galleries/museums
the universe expands endlessly from that single starting point
up close hard to find a monkey in the grass

f m k

twisting and flipping she's got the cheerleader tactics down pat
ridge-runners born with a leg longer my missing link
at barely a year old already at the top of the jungle gym
a squirrel vaults from ground to bird feeder
since i fall the goal is fall in the best way possible if possible
words flipped, flipped & flipped again

k f m

sworn at over the phone after a tentative blossom-viewing invitation
crushing camellia buds with each step
after bar-hopping i crash at an artist's pad in my jacket and jeans
peddling into a rainstorm I become a Pollock
a fly swatter finds its mark on the wall very unhaiku that splat
sad for the 'possum unable to cross the road

m k f

richest nerd taken down a notch see my haiku help the world
the gentility and hospitality of true gentlepeople
manners expected 'when the idle poor become the idle rich'
in the caring of the hayes family this odd artist
comfortable with beggars or queens must be an Aquarius
her pinkie always in the air

m k f

the diplomat gives over his home to part of the gonzalez family
The Demings' long involvement with Japan
what tact! what diplomacy! what charm! perfect for the post
straight to the point a help to the frazzled and weary
tell myself gently I've lost my touch with men after menopause
courier with attache case chained as expected

m k f

how handy for males when the god and the priests are male too
philosophy of religion prof even sainted John Dewy
Vatican courtyard crowd surges forward waiting for white smoke
apotheosis atheism enthusiasm pantheon polytheism*
Dear Theo...great to have a sibling who really understands
talent of Van Gogh guided by a higher source
*from the Greek theos

Lynx February 2001

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