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other rens  [book one]  2000
one-line linked haiku   

part one: well that's life
january 23-24 1999 
m k f

his new used dump truck my new used down-in-the-dumps mood
husband his presence & absence irritating
marking time from one season to the next hazy moon
just as the movie starts a damn link needed
uncrumpling a used kleenex to find a dry spot
their quarrel I end up in the middle

k m f

laughing she teases an older boy 'cry baby'
my secondhand smoke well that's life
the danger is not indulging our vices
prayer in the senate to a non-god for bi-partisanship
implicit admission with that wink

f k m

Monica back in Washington Mama's 'don't correct me in public'
both Jekyll and Hyde's obsession to control
missionary style taken to new heights go screw yourselves
impossible feats for a shrinking woman
winter silence the list of things he blames me for grows longer
a 'mad/up word' pricktriarchy no longer adequate

k f m

into the New Year nurtured by a circle of women poets
20-20 vision with the cataract removed
female ideas in the midst of old-fogy fogs and smogs
allowing myself to soar, swoosh and rise higher
mulch at hand seeds into potting cubes for larkspur in May
prepared to cover my ears and open my mouth

march 25-april 4 1999
f k m

edge of light at dawn sweat suit over and under her nightgown
kicked by thrashing legs eluding a nightmare
bombs and bullshit fly thru air waves darkness creeps into spring
long distance call wee one asks, 'Are you in heaven?'
gently rolling waves, break on the shoreline mingling with incense
too tired to change i bed down with part of the flower bed

m f k

brother watched grandmother undress my little eyes still closed
TV mystery strong motive shaky alibi
a tulip bud shape swelling in red tight swimming trunks
surveillance camera a priest on the prowl
twittering sparrows bypass bare maples for hemlock and pine
self public euthanasia not an issue in ancient Greece

k f m

a hoard of acorns hidden between stones in the castle tower
fifteen years of haiku correspondence on one zip disk
morning coffee another new term to absorb 'identity elimination' 1
heart chakra emanating a violet aura
50th Wedding extra invitations love stamp to Bankcard
time skips an hour 'let's don't and say we did' 2

m k f

haiku's nothing special seems hardly profound lightness of ferns
stepping straight off into the quarry's infinity
undersea mountains protrude from the ocean a stop for trade winds
odor of nature-crevicing fills my skull with passion
badger-hair brush laden with sumi poised above virgin paper
handwritten note to Shirley MacLaine

1 for ethnic cleansing if that weren't bad enough  2 daylight savings time

april 4-10 1999
m k f

fun & a life's work ahead the rens whoever starts can choose
unfolding violet luminescent lepidoptera wings
rush hour crawl past the airport greeting HAVE A NICE DAY
crone's hair unbrushed for days i giggle at myself
a whirling dervish in a blossom storm with her young 'uns
married fifty years Astronet predicts a new love-life 1

f k m

China Seas cruise passengers with white hair matching 'tennies'
drawing, d r a w n by the sunset
steep slope transplants mulched for tomorrow's rain or no rain
a brick wall behind tomato vines holding the day's heat
California poet travels to Japan to return a wartime Hinomaru flag 2
tanning salon trailer one pays to get melanoma

m f k

freedom to arm bears even countries where women can't bare arms
executive in a 'power suit' snaps bubble gum
if pistols were pistils springtime could come to Kosovo this year
i'd put the jerk in a gunny sack and let snipes hunt
framed photo of a grim Charleton Heston with a musket3
one last bang then the fireworks heart fades

m f k

nothing in my past suggests what i would create yet everything
blank canvas & ideas can't have one without the other
zero x two the full moon has risen above the pond
when love runs out there's no love to miss
gilding the empty locket the grandchildren silent
in a blizzard she enters the convent

1 Internet fortune-telling site  2 flag signed by loved ones and comrades,
carried by WWII Japanese soldiers  3 gift of the National Rifle Association


april 4-10 1999
k f m

quacking in and out and through tunnels of blossoms
iridescent plumage note to go shopping
i didn't know to duck as a haiku cock lashed out with his fan
Peking hotel room breakfast's clean picked bones
broken hip couldn't avoid the sideways hit nor floor-fall
poor daisy second billing to one of the donalds

m f k

in last year's muck tiny flowers whose color i've now forgotten
interview with the high muck-a-muck innuendoes
private is private and sacred otherwise it's so much filth
name-called nature humans don't like 'nasty weather'
spy thriller on TV double agent with his bag of dirty tricks
splattered so only the whites of the eyes show

f k m

stock market rising crazily our almighty dollar lookin' good
passing it and it comes around again
free on the net how to butcher and literally eat young women
buckeyed peas on a plate
counting the branches on the antlers above the fireplace
psychologically unable to balance the checkbook

f k m
he: I don't give a good fuck! she: you're right you don't
a hard man is full of B... S...
earth fucked when males slow to learn formulated 1 + 1 = 3*
schoolboy showing-off multiplying by tens
heart attacks caused by rising thermometer & viagra
art uncensorable fuck protected by the high court
*overreaction to the discovery of paternity in neolithic times

april 10-28, 1999
k f m

Eurydice walking straight out of hell never looking back at either of 'em
one gay eyes another neon lights
arrowheads that missed the mark my favorite in the garden patches
carrot seeds planted row after row
he keeps his goal in mind methodical plan of A through E
moral compass yeah right not for at least 5000 years

m k f

if just one woman or 99 men would come along we could get this done*
what I do while I wait for my computer to boot up
nothing worse than being dependent where's that van for my big paintings
waiters in nice not so nice nor the american tourists
the game of it and no one can imagine how much you accomplish
past midnight baby-sitter counts the few cars that pass
*after eudora welty

f k m

a bridge gives way--rush, bubble and swirl of meeting waters
after twenty years expecting nothing
fork in the road turned out to be a knife in the heart spoon-fed
parting . . . empty caterpillar tent in the apple tree
jus' movin' on -- onto my next karma in this life time
psychic hotline will jesus come to fix the y2k bug

m f k

late enough for it to be early but not early enough for it to be
cleaning lady calls from her car phone 'on the way'
tardy again does either have the right teacher or student
no periods no urine samples no moon calendar one freedom
lunch date mom and I bump into each other racing to be punctual
salad days with no thoughts of what comes next


part 2: true friends
m f k

these days i don't always know if i've repeated myself
for cryin' out loud I wish he'd get a hearing aid
linked forms still a confusion with word repetition
Fourth of July same guests and barbeque menu as last year
deja vu cousins chattering the short night into dawn
renrepeat in How to Haiku, Bruce Ross, Tuttle, 2002

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