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kris kondo   marlene mountain   francine porad

other rens  [book one] 2000
one-line linked haiku

part three:
a palette of colors


k m f

the healing light and glowing Buddha as energy gathers
purple butterfly bush begins to fade
a color children and dreamers can't resist where's Aladdin?
woven into the carpet my birth flower
in v  i  o  l  e  t rearranged there's the shape of itself
landscape palette of tertiary colors

k f m

met on the high mountain pass I went his way for 20 years
the introduction after he fell for my mother's hype
all the warnings even my own hardly scratched the surface
in real time the crones gather on the net
child tells her mom don't worry today I'll find you a daddy
he'd always say shaking hands: glad you met me

f m k

to problem-solve walking in circles around the house fist clenched
i choose haiku to express concerns or haiku chooses me
tone deaf but I learned to adjust koto frets and sing sakura
the speech I've yet to write humor requested
at least there's the healing garden where i converse with dirt
what's to fret after we're ashes on a fragrant breeze?

f k m

we adopt the troublesome squirrel 'if you can't beat them . . .'
"turtles" bought to tame unruly electric cords
unscreened kitchen window my little pretties the moths & spiders
writing about nature at the haiku conference teacher's pet
a runt of a beagle named Prince met his end in an ice storm
country road drop-off another back-door kitten

m k f

what am i owed no debts except 2 friends all ideas given away
face to face with ambivalent feelings about money
we saved school funds, retirement, etc seniors in a spending mode
early art stolen or hidden from me relatively-controlled
I owe it to myself above all to figure out where I stand
third bankcard this week encouraging debt

m f k

intensely angry the more we learn more than we need to learn
enough of the exposes let sleeping 'dogs' lie or lay
with five Aires in his chart no wonder that man spouts flames
most of the summer whatever between 2 pieces of bread
she whispers the word upset euphemism for nervous breakdown
out of body/mind experience my reaction to 'furin'*
*Japanese expression for infidelity

f k m

first painting of each series starts with a robin's-egg-blue layer
in mine the warms first so they glow through the cools
his eyes like his dad's his son's eyes light blue like these
a bit of choice color surrounded by neutrals
the outside of the house deep cobalt with cumulus clouds
when the blues hang around i hang in/out tough

f m k

I haven't got one when it comes to why she acts as she does
just a hint tells me i can make a meaningful remark
cousins on their tummies around a board game thunder rumbles
hidden toy 'Give me a clue. Am I getting hot?'
one of my make-fun-of-haiku manners: high coup hai clue
personal relationships tired of reading between lines

m f k

one of those days when it feels the cuckoo flew over my nest
first flight the stewardess holds grandma's hand
Montreal house only Dad knew the magic of opening the flue
save money on heat yet that old flu fever
checking that shots are up to date before we take off
I remember O'Hare no bigger than a train depot

m k f

didn't occur to me back then that rabbit-skin glue is rabbit
water, flour, newspaper, a pinata in no time
I thought I had sprayed fixative on the never-seen-again pastel
star dust dna isn't it that holds us all together
glitters in the top coat of my nail polish over a layer of jet black
the kids shadow her every move

k f m

blond ringleted Sue what was it we fought tooth and nail over?
start of legal action red flags on property stakes
surely that's summer sue: she sells seashells by the seashore
Japanese or Massachusetts's courts for the divorce?
it didn't change with marriage Sioux City Sue keeps her name
he cashed in on 'a boy named sue'

k m f

little krissy down in the meadow talking to the cows
uncontented cattle at the slaughterhouse
Aunt Bess like the cow that gives good milk then kicks the bucket mmmmmmmoooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaa
neighbor's pen i yearn for what drops from the other end of moo
from the south forty cows watch the traffic flow

k f m

dew-laden rice growing valley awakes in the sunrise
aerating the lawn plus fertilizer does the trick
like hemlock and pine i'm rooted here as long as possible
jade lullaby touched by vermilion vibration
new to this business of scanning and sending e-mail samples of art
i always forget to quit while i'm behind

k m f

taller and slimmer than yesterday and at a jaunty angle my shadow
that other stuff stuffed into fat-free
for the wedding fifty pounds lighter love overcomes all
Jack Sprat and all of that
with so much jerking how is there anything left
he leans into the wind sea-legs steady

f m k

prefer water from a canteen to cutting up a cactus heart
old war movie the heroes and 'the girls'
a crowded Japanese college cafeteria with a quaint name
shelves stocked with niceties and necessities
fancy and plastic i've had nary a sip of the new-age versions
for the ancients one section of bamboo

f k m

twisted streamers of orange and black crisscrossing the dancehall
homemade costume a shy kid is a lion for a day
still on the front door from last year haunted house sign
pillowcase full of candy I repeat the sharing concept
at the neighborhood dentist frosty windows in the waiting room
nearly 30 years no spooks cross the bridge

m f k

reminded umpteen times that there's no place like this place
cost of this cost of that she suffers from zeroitis
teenage daughter keeps her first account book diligently
east coast florida and another hurricane name
I utilize my huge postcard collection 'Greetings from San Juan'
all those husks when rinsing out brown rice

m k f

mean or evil or ill the 'sociopath killer' wanted by the fbi
didn't mean to be mean or know what mean means
Sunday sermon open to interpretation 'the worlds to come'
serena's tennis match i explain prejudice to young josh
so ornery and horny the old couple's brittle veneer betrayed
deep deep down they care for each other deeply

f k m

loving=an adjective for yellow according to my son, my sun
kitchen table sunflowers rescued before a typhoon
'moon peaces : earth peaces' the moon coded as a yellow diamond
no peril from my haiku pals in eastern Asia
will I stay scared or speak my mind fearlessly like Shiki
toe the line and our lives as women buried

f m k

called a lady-prick that happens when you're just one of the guys
in 'shetrillogy' we maytreearchs say 'fallow man'
on the same road deep in thought footprints in the snow
cold chills a suspected 'good fellow'
five thousand years at the very least out-of-control testosterone
jolly this jolly that just hate labels

k f m

each day we three a constellation glowing as we share
true friends counted more than fingers on one hand
they mellow-out with 'our thoughts and prayers are with you'
oh to gather persimmons with marlene on her mountain
my siblings and I celebrate one candle on the birthday treat
i'm so cool no matter what the critics 'think'

k m f

when I laugh in the bath my tummy, my breasts mounds of jello
kid snack j-e-l-l-o spooned right out of the box
a tree branch rebounds the sight of blood weakens me
red, white and green layered X-mas treat
as garrison keeler describes it a woebegone minnesota dessert
jello poured into a mold the shape of a fish

m f k

western haiku anything with an edge is an angry bellow ho hum
at the precipice the loud hollow sound of a bull
learning not to take all that ranting and raving personally*
wheezing breathing through tubes air sucked in blown out
the pain and rage screaming from piercing eyes
*valerie solanas, the scum manifesto

renhello/o hell
m k f

oh hell etc all those wasted years when not allowed to cuss
after a magnum of sake a girl rhyming swearwords
to-get-acquainted party monopolized what a conceited bore
'up front after hello are you with us'
tried to greet a speech-impaired man scything basho leaves
terse 'Please leave a message; have a nice day.'

m k f

my snow-cone stand at 13 orange 1 of 23 flavors 7 for a nickel
just back from Ehime also home of Pom citrus
hungrier at an orange formica counter psychologists suggest
blue in the refrigerator a forgotten bag of fruit
my accent pegged as Northern Irish by an expat from there
Orange County in California home of Disneyland

m f k

oddly enough a major in art all else at 17 so difficult-sounding
the writer becomes a photographer the painter a poet
the politician's ingrained xenophobism spites even his wife
too strange in matsuyama my crossed-legged sitting
rengay collaboration counts as fun content to do nothing else
a few verses and I'm ready to face the day

f k m

let's hear it for arranged marriages and similar backgrounds
a sigh as she adjusts the angle of the plum branch
today things never arranged in the first place rearranged again
paintings lined up need a special one for a gift
packing again at the last minute the nightmare on the road
mother nature gets her hurricane just as she likes it

f m k

she's driving me nuts the lesson on how to use a stick-shift
in trouble before he even read my poems a 'haikuist'
a masochist who spends August in Nippon and supports HI
obviously deranged at the computer the entire day
egolessness isn'tism here & now only at the end of one's nose
screws too tight, too loose, not there, screwed -up

k m f

rundown souvenir shop a huge hairy toy spider squiggles up its string
at the flea market a manger baby no one wants to touch
the definition makes me itch let alone an actual burrowing mite
my trusty old dictionary the mangiest one around
the heat not a bit interested in those other ways to skin a cat
ragged feathers one crow among the starlings

k f m

the housepainter opens up yet another pamphlet of samples
'home home on the range' hummed off-key
enough computer stuff a hop & a skip a leap into the stuff of land
simmering on the back burner lentil stew with root veggies
mnemonics in appliances a Mr Wheel paged instead of Mr Ferris
'don't fence me in' a waste of time trying

m f k

box of 6 red yellow orange female green purple blue male
ripened tomatoes weighting the trellis
in shiny shoes tapping down the sidewalk avoiding the cracks
'cadmium red deep' a hue i desperately long for
wow! cadmium crimson at Winsor-Newton's sample table
wouldn't be caught dead in what I adore on others

m k f

past tense in haiku can't be done i bled but did not die
i died a little each month, now resurrected
morning walk did you know exercise acts as a blood thinner
unable to bleed the hard-edged green square
decapitated spider lilies crimson strands entangle rank grass
victims cut down in a house of worship

f m k

to my traveling husband: it's lonesome just five in the bed
awake with my nature shirt still wrong-side out
clean. cool sheets, a nearly empty room, nightingale's song
grisly nightmare I give him warm milk and my blessing
bed snores even the little boy with hair cropped too short
sleep deprivation mom's 18 years of musical beds

f k m

front-line duty little toy soldiers guard the castle of blocks
the dirty rascal protested and refused to be led
who really started the commotion 'seven samurai' or the bandits or
lead pipe twisted debris after Hurricane Floyd
the shadows penciled in with a stub of an hb pencil
inner-city kids inside lead-painted

k m f

each day an adventure getting over around through my dreads
along comes black ice just when it's not needed
portrait commission the German shepherd snarls as I draw
startled from another nap in a panic, mom's gone
what's he on what's he off the suspicious-looking loner
her phobia a kitten a tiger the same horror

k f m

ranranranranwalkedwalked skipped jumped and hid
'So long, Oo-long, how long you gonna be gone?'*
i did get out of dodge more than once even more than twice
try as I might just can't wriggle away from myself
his parents too at the camp site the kid who 'ran away'
no way to hurry their flight from the hurricane
*a ditty from the 1920's


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