marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku
other rens book one


kris kondo  marlene mountain  francine porad


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Statements by the Poets/Artists

part 1: well that's life
1 sad bad mad glad
Frogpond 22:21999
2 sleep peep keep deep
3 fun sun gun/pun none
4 duck muck buck fuck
5 straight wait fate late
6 tease breeze sneeze geez
7 dream stream beam scheme
8 stuff gruff guff huff enuff fluff
9 mom zombie pom-pom bomb qualm tom-tom
10 repent meant spent bent content sent
1 through 5
part 2: true friends
1 neat repeat complete seat greet heat
renrepeat in How to Haiku, Bruce Ross, Tuttle, 2002
2 prone condone alone stone moan/mown sown/sewn
3 shout pout tout clout doubt spout
4 fire tire acquire liar flyer mire
5 wrong belong strong song prong/dong gong/Hong Kong
6 snow blow know slow owe low
7 steal/steel wheel deal real/reel she'll feel
part 3: a palette of colors
1 violet met fret pet debt het-up
2 blue clue flew/flue/flu glue sue/Sue moo
3 green lean canteen halloween umpteen mean
4 yellow fellow mellow jello bellow hello/o hell
5 orange strange arrange derange mange range
6 red bled bed lead/led dread fled

Marlene Mountain wreckcreation h acrylic
Marlene Mountain wreckcreation c acrylic
Kris Kondo three others sumi-e
Kris Kondo allowing sumi-e
Francine Porad A Place in the Sun #4 monoprint
Francine Porad Rocket acrylic
Francine Porad Birds On A Wire aquamedia

Francine Porad Marlene Mountain Kris Kondo

(c) 2000

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