marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


paul.conneally      marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku     summer 2001

tennis talk

wimbledon the price of strawberries rockets
fast grass & soft hands england's rain here
light weeding the sound of an ace from the radio
play-by-play hero worship statistics too
'miss' on the scoreboard tho she kills the balls like a woman

do you have tennis on the radio? i love sport on the radio especially the
bits where not much is happening and the commentators have to fill in -
cricket's great for that - i never watch it - don't care about the result
but the radio commentary - four hours at a go with no commercials on the
bbc - it's just magic paul

paul it's often difficult to watch/listen to sports on tv here because so many male announcers not only want the sport and themselves is be as male as possible but on top of that masculine. the same with 'nature' programs. eg the discovery channel. many of the words/phrases in the'wreckcreation' series reflect that. lovemm 7/1


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