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one-line linked haiku

carlos colon  marlene mountain  dennis h dutton

one-line linked haiku (a rhymga)    may 31-august 9 1999

doggerel day afternoon
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doggerel day afternoon rhymester crawling from the dumpster
too soon a hailed quarterly in the mail 
waning moon a stray dog begging food at my doorstep
zing goes the string of my -ings
doe's coon's other prints pondside where's the heron i mothered
lamplight and a book another night alone

spleen-vented addlesence teenager all groan up
shirt scented with famous sweat its net-worth
my girth much smaller since i've fallen for haiku
wincing while typing midas gets tendinitis
what style the golden-haired boy better looking older and bald
a cup of green tea scalding hot to her lips
embattled the three of us eyeing the fly s.w.a.t. team
nuclear stuff i spy you spy we all spy what's new
 los alamos the fools on the hill dig a big hole toward china
mouth drools for the feast of the 96-decibel priest
north south east west whose traditional values beginning when
then & now up & down round & round we go

canned laughter after the suntanned bimbeau kicks sand in my face
dreary place a republican rear between 2 ears
dear mr gates is there any there there in cyberspace
shocking stockings norman bates endlessly rocking
'what a fine mess you've gotten us into' pushers of three-lines
3 brave haikuists/hard at work/one digs a grave
scrap-pile pieces a lathe reshapes the board releases a butterfly
stunted gourds milkweed fragrance feeds the air
pine boughs on the sun dance arbor roof the sound of the drum
cape town harbor white hand reaches for a brown one
fingers crossed no water no further rape of earth's moon grrr
prostitute between her breasts a silver crucifix

skin flicks nude prude his mood ring changes the color of his toe
talk about drought a sink of thin red dishes
you'd think something could be done with that toilet too
propped-up poles bubba & son empty a tub of beer
with no particular goal or skill i archive things close to art
the stage lights go out a far-off door closes

16c ian hunter of mott the hoople (1970s british glitter-rock group)
19c bimbeau = a male bimbo   23m) oliver hardy
29) lunar prospector w/shoemaker's ashes to crash

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Sunday at Four 8:2 2000

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