marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain     michelle v lohnes

one-line linked haiku seven    november 14 1999-october 21 2001


the last leaf falls and change is accepted
official papers jail if necessary
blackout diversion humming a few bars for music trivia
perhaps a 'winter of our' content
large clay pots extend spaces for growth
'so now we are 7' a grinning samurai

my heart not in it still i win again at solitaire
alone the call of the loon deafening
ice crystals a fragment of haiku all that's necessary
wax melting into hollows of glass
in the sweatshirt she's yet to break into a sweat
cold hands loose rings slide off her fingers
deep into the earth which he was unable to understand
strong wind surface dirt shifts in stages
a cold snap spring slows down we wait for a warm snap
boot treads design remaining snow
the intensity of troubles swept away each bud of spring
counting seconds of the thunder rumblings

slam of the screen door he blames on the wind
what is it about getting old or is it just me
numb and tingly leaden legs ignore my instructions
friends bring love into a place of dust & disorder
first snow basket of plants with an African violet
house spider floats a few inches down the sun
low light philodendron shadows growth on bare walls
a breath of fresh air fewer places it can be said
spruce boughs soft whisper brushing frozen earth
early morning coffee instant weather on tv
fiddler on stage exotic dancers on stilts and the odd raindrop
everything turns into humidity

toward morning i give an impromptu giggleshop on haiku
before dawn dreams merge with chittering birds
after the rain more rain stakes outgrow the tomato plants
farewell dinner warmer outside in the night air
with less to say now harder to begin where sense is made
deafened by the silence of nothing no easy peace

2m marchers with jesse jackson

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