marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


dennis h dutton         marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku    february 22-28 2002


untidy says the warmonger the wrongful deaths in afghanistan
golf date he clears his calendar for next friday
oh the games people play on nature beneath turf snow & water
the grasses part for a snake spring moon
her skin removed in the book in the movie in the discussions
on the ex-con's chest a virgen de guadalupe tattoo

the monastery cell's blue-framed window open to a blue sea
silence closed on a patch of mist
a woman rides by bareback on a palomino her gaze distant
first crocus as if it were the very first
last turn on the trail up a dizzy look down to a new valley
in each painting red shapes the home
daughter grown and gone her bugs bunny glass left behind
as i leave my thoughts alone they return to earth
she's almost 93 i've begun to imagine a world without her
no energy to listen to dubya's clean energy policy
the sneering politician if only lies could be composted
hard to believe peace is the goal in israel

don't bring your gods on this land don't take 'em to other lands
wherever you go there you are but where's waldo
the deer have yet to show themselves a cold snap predicted
mittens so thick the lovers can barely hold hands
cup of hot coffee neglected in the heat of their kigo argument
deserted shack a hornet's nest under the eaves
some comfort in the dark hollow as the wind blows me closer
dream of nicole kidman her thigh slung over mine
he as a vampire so unkinky i couldn't help but laugh & turn off
teeth ache how many will be left when i die
dna results free the man fifteen years of a southern prison
one in four black men one in four

gospel flames shooting up as she shouts it out r-e-s-p-e-c-t
a phoebe's yet to phoebe other answers unneeded
at the muddy bottom of the slow stream a great catfish stirs
bedsprings and barbed wire under the bridge
marriage rocky till his stroke nasturtium on the bedroom sill
from the old roof the drip-drip of february

13d for chuck jones, animator, 1912-2002


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