marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


dennis h dutton         marlene mountain

two-line tanka by two: 1      december 28-29 1998

poor william's almanac

saijiki 'humanity--all year' but no moon-time
fear of female seas a dirty big secret

once-a-month even eleven-year-olds haiku for kids
long before her first period the abuse

a vulva drawn with red paint 10,000 years ago
creators' calendar denigrated by male time

hadn't a clue until my own blood now the tv ads
check-out line embarrassment telling all

reaching for her and finding the string 'tomorrow'
i yell across the pond that's the best time

blood on his mouth when i kiss & then more deeply
laughing at each other's red-smeared lips

Raw Nervz Haiku 6:1 1999

two-line tanka by two: 2        december 31 1998-january 3 1999

urth earth irth

salt of the earth night sound of the snow plow
underneath warm enough for worms

grandmother mother earth how old you are how young
these worn-down mountains in them

no wonder stink bugs do it root odors rock odors
earth when you fart i still love you

losing myself in her embrace finding myself
unearthed: a nest of bird shevinities

country dweller=pagan beyond political lies of rome
even here most of our earth on tv

earth the sound of it the taste of it in my mouth
long trip out of africa all thumbs


two-line tanka by two: 3       january 4-6 1999


'dark side of the moon' only to our mindless eyes
you show me yours i'll show you mine

two moons this month whatever happened to the era
downhill from she to love goddess to a man

giant leap usa flag golf balls soon ashes of death
over the cow jumped over the moon

the moon harder now for poets to write about

unhomoonoked from japanese autumn a start

'when the mountain comes over the moon' abandoned
still dialing her number old man coyote

moon shadows shift in the canyon a snap of twigs
ragged luna on the ragged screen door

'lunacy' Raw Nervz Haiku 6:4 2001

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