marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku
february 2002



dennis h dutton     marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku   february 15-20 2002

tarnished gold

russian pairs-skaters around their necks tarnished gold
cloudy day in the little pond more bull than frog
gobbled up by a hungry coyote the sound of early spring
after an afternoon in the dirt a weird movie
between scenes with my pen and notepad props a haiku or two
were you profiled little brother

police state on its way gossip says 9/11 devised for that purpose
wanted dead or alive satchmo on the airwaves
a chill in the valley turns cold a pileated all i saw or cared to see
it flew away the thought that almost landed here
art by a mouse a dream home and trees and a moon and flowers
on the blue-haired lady's cheeks bright red rouge
odor of summer in the hand lotion but it does nothing for pain
from fog hanging low over the beach a gull's cry
frost just tips the mountain i don't get his anger toward me
'do you want me to stop the car?' the long drive
the mail carrier's thank you on yesterday's thank you note
still climbing oh so slowly issa's snail

miniscule specks with big heads adrift within it the milky way
will someone in japan throw up on the younger
no thank you i don't want fries with that haiku spring rain
a crackdown on religion rather than nature
halfway to town on snowshoes a stop to adjust the bindings
to get there i hoe the road that gets me there
'merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream'
last day of mothering crazy of course mother yates
the show closed dust and phantoms swept up by the custodian
lucky to be tired
autumn evening not cutting it in two smashing the melon
the patch-to-be defined by old bricks

i forgot to look for the moon but know it's around the bend
plumber at work more than she wanted to see
crematory grounds skin and bones not meant to rest in peace
at the discount store a special on soylent green?
tattered pampas grass clings to the tattered wind at dusk
a race to the finish line rudolph by a red nose

26m andrea yates on trial for killing her children
33m site and sight in noble georgia february 2002
34t in 1973 movie 'soylent green,' a food substancemade of human flesh


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