marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


dennis h dutton    marlene mountain

a 2fer1 one-line linked haiku    june 1-6 1999

behind a string

spring roundup behind a string of cows a cowboy on his atv
dirt farm where i farm dirt and flirt with worms
potholes just before election day they somehow go away
did we need to know dole's e.d. and outcome
viagra blues the old men up the old women down
profits and prophets of doom meet at 'doom'

deer and a newly-hired weedeater some flowers merely stubs
what i want to say to her cut off at the roots
as the world swirls little girls trapped within tourist traps
pet store fourteen crickets for one dollar
after the wrestler's real death fall show business must go on
in a vacuum all objects fall at the same rate
non-acceptance the acceptance of things as yet unknown to me
'seize the day' a saying hard to grasp for long
back from flowers at dusk into a dark house into a parked chair
the room where i slept as a boy now too small
we've been fooled contrary to popular myth re taboo in haiku
basho now in bartlett's 'old pond' etc.

'spring' goes here but where the snow in the sangre de cristos
the crosses quarrel: public/private thirteen/fifteen
i must be star-crossed my only recourse courtly love or none at all
no lay-a-way it's nothing down no payment til august
come winter will the bills pile up like snow against my trailer
ah to be deep in horse shit garden-aged of course
song title 'my baby left me and i feel like homemade shit'

'i'm better at hello' streep tells the wrong man
in the battle between the sexes so many x's
everyone needs space to write her deeds
the first word i spoke was 'hi' will that also be my last
in between the big mistake that drove the stake

tomato plants fit to be tied as i undo the ties that bind
a calm and peaceful heart all i really want
my brain unsettled until females regain our ancient mind
'it is midnight, and time passes, and i sleep alone'
though nothing in nature's a freak of nature what ebb and flow
the waves and the sand giving taking giving

25d) the fugs, 'golden filth'  34d) sappho


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