marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


dennis h dutton   marlene mountain

linked haiku   july 20-23 1999

sono mama

sono mama things as they are aren't
a hot hot dog for supper
a definition keenly perceived evaporates
female finch without gold
yard sale what's unsold goes to the dump
sadness in the unchipped cup

sidetracked by traces of my past life
rain slowly fills her footprint
creek's other side a scent picked up
gray-haired woman's patchouli
medicine: a different heart a man has
after cake the fly on the spoon
from the garden a basket of humidity
my cup runneth under
media in love with death questions
i like my life medium rare
'the decisive moment' & right f-stop
choice a .44 magnum or a leica

50 years ago a girl skips down stairs
hard road for an else-believer
the soft shoulders i'll never touch
the reprint no love sequences
seeing/my old honda/my sleeve dampens
update on o'hair an american
a comedy of errors much ado over nada
too hot to laugh to cry
new holes in my old penny-loafers
barefoot 'crone w/o a cause'
phone cut off can't call to complain
already back kennedy bashers

a million a year & awe the sumo boys
only humans wear clothes why
the shaved dolled-up new york poodle
tonight gonna bark at the moon
not a string attached still no rain
after \\\\\\\\\ puddles ahhh


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