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marlene mountain        dennis h. dutton

one-line linked haiku
   december 6 2000-february 3 2001

the reginald connection

'Zen as it is related to the mind of the haiku poet is dealt with under
thirteen headings. selflessness, loneliness, grateful acceptance, wordlessness,
non-intellectuality, contradiction, humor, freedom, non-morality,
simplicity, materiality, love, courage
These are some of the characteristics of the state of mind which the creation
and appreciation of haiku demand.'
R. H. Blyth, HAIKU, Volume 1, Hokuseido, 1949/1969, page162

one-line linked haiku    december 6-23 2000


clothes i don't want given to one who probably doesn't want
a pair of shoes begins to serve new feet
all day the republican observer observes the hand count
first-time mother her sleepless nights watching
unallowed as a santa she sues the company for equal rights
briefly the yellow light between red and green

persimmon tree how the leaves fall for the fruits to grow
walnut hulls swept from the old tin roof
in the child's dream a mouse in a teacup floats downstream
porch light not as yet on a young neighbor calls
flies herded out the door she fans herself with the swatter
both stay until the milking's over

one-line linked haiku   december 18-24 2000


nestled on lettuce scraps in the trash a broken heirloom cup
first frozen night a siren up the county road
the only sound he hears in the house his own coughing
not from being alone from being misunderstood
in the carefully tended flower garden a young dandelion
only by its distant sound a woodpecker

too cold at this computer to create and discuss haiku
before the cut a butterfly on the old-growth pine
photographs of the land lean against the dusty books
a place that now exists only in the mind
i even miss the cartoons i have to watch with little josh
with the kids i've never had an imaginary christmas

one-line linked haiku   december 6-23 2000

grateful acceptance

after 6 months of apple hell friends bring a mac tho not up to par
a new year debts and the same old car but alive
on the sill for peanut butter 2 carolina wrens a song sparrow
it too is a gift the cat dead on the doorstep
snowed in a hermit cancels tomorrow's appointment in town
one bowl of quaker oats and then some drumming

this pilgrim descendent still a pilgrim but not too grim
expensive on high the one heater
the sweater my mother made a moth has also enjoyed
solstice couldn't have come at a better time
small-town library more cookies than books in the drop-box
solitaire shapes in a cluttered room

one-line linked haiku     december 18-24 2000


after a long hot sauna they step outside to wind and stars
  an abstract painting hangs without a title
how still the forest glen became after the rifle shot
bruised the prisoner refuses to snitch
just enough room in the cell for t'ai chi chuan
i stumble for the phone to a dial tone

nothing on the nightly news makes any sense at all
in the hollow bamboo flute four seasons
couldn't help it a bang on the wall to stop the gnawing
the room quiet now but the mind chatters on
ice this side of the pane dissipates tap water off a while
winter drought a thin calf at his mother's side

one-line linked haiku   december 23-26 2000


late night familiar sensation before a car lands off the road
at the clank of coins the beggar's toothless grin
the birds fed and the dishes washed and the floor unswept
hay for the horse and then my morning coffee
with bright eyes and bushy tail nancy's kid talk: just say no
cat and i watching birds outside at the feeder

heavy snow predicted she's come and gone without calling me
has the puritan poet dropped out of tanka for now
counting syllables the haijin comes up short wets his sleeves
valley's edge in rain a tiny spring reveals itself
cocktail party she lets a strap drop off one shoulder
a neighbor refuses money for heavy-lifting

one-line linked haiku  december 24-26 2000


no self-substance but in summer heat how cool the shade
everything i have irreplaceable when broken
monday at the office proud of her new fake nails
pretty sure of my views but what do i know
the zen scholar puffed up over his article on egolessness
'born to be wild' a monkey with a jellyfish

press secretary after the broken hip reagan 'is fully alert'
in his eyes as he recites the sutra a soulful look
'with god on our side' & no-god on their side the same dif
an old coin 'e pluribus unum' all but gone
does the bitch too dream of heat in winter cold in summer
over the bleak city's long shadows a harvest moon

one-line linked haiku   december 23-26 2000


both george and i tear up while he resigns as governor
caught with his pants down he rises in the polls
now that my paintings fill the house i could paint the roof
to be a slacker the thirteen-year-old's ambition
partial eclipse on cnn protection for eyes and cold feet
dawn the dog's nose on mine wakes me up

the moon-viewing party spoiled by a leaky skylight
starved halfway decent stuff into junk food
exposed by the dirty tank-top shirt her washboard abs
interesting motions in the circumcised briefs
till the testosterone level drops hard to be soft
the rich comedian hangs on his every word

one-line linked haiku   december 24-26 2000


on the monk's smooth freshly-shaven head spring sun
here alone without a holiday in sight
the buddhist nun her prayer to be reborn a man
a simple belief in what i don't have to do
between earth and sky a full stomach and an empty mind
in my nest without the instinct

diana butterflies sweet on milkweed flutter in the light
piney woods the dog's scent leads the way for us
freedom to link an old life to a run-down house in winter
well past midpoint my life downhill from here
not a clue what'll be in thoughts moment to moment
drinking only the empty half of the glass

3d in some forms of buddhism, full enlightenment
is not considered possible except for a man

one-line linked haiku    december 28-31 2000


the world in a day of water fire ice & more mother nature
three chicks in the nest yesterday now only two
wind in the pines deer in a car's path car in a deer's path
blown away by her blowing me off i watch my breath
i had to give up the haiku mags way before i got 'directv'
wanting her to play my flute the pretty flutemaker

her lips red like fruit but already the corpse is rotting
still a toss-up whether the prez is the prez
fingers crossed he pledges allegiance to the flag
to live and die in india overnight
the world in flames but still nataraja dances
big award music of a white woman-hater

one-line linked haiku  janurary 12-31 2001  


the sounds of the town hushed now as the snow deepens
my glass ceiling wooden purple and cobwebby
spun from its own insides the silk home of the spider
an orange extension cord in and out of the sun
just what the body needs a cup of green tea to make it pee
cactus in the bathroom an old sheet for a curtain

cardless-carrying nobody just don't wanna bother w/nothing
a thin wallet and a fat belly how does he do it
almost everything i need in one room if i could find anything
they smash their wine glasses in the fireplace
after the usual adjustments the old pillows fit just right
before sleep a last look at her photograph

one-line linked haiku  janurary 14-31 2001


a cold rain i don't need things i don't need just things i do need
in just-spring a wheelbarrel-full of ideas
rough & tough in the empty space of haiku advice & consent
snowed in & all by myself i'm still a universe
nature clothes trowels trays flower & tomato seeds in my head
the housesitter surrounded by other people's things

shelves lined with signed first editions by authors long dead
female ideas in dusty cupboards the study of wars
'blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth'
i yearn for spring for my well-traveled road
clear mountain water cupped in his hands he bows his head
especially to winter 'weeds' hi pretties

one-line linked haiku  janurary 14-february 2 2001


where his wife's breasts used to be he plants kisses
a daddy & a little boy at my door between storms
she can't be more loved the daughter who doesn't know me
i feel for the hired shooter haywire all his life
after the shotgun wedding a honeymoon in a shotgun shack
better friends after the divorce the kids happier

romance literature & picket fences even well done the harm
small-town ex-lovers now married to others
ten reasons not to fall head over heels green tips of a wild iris
yellow pollen on a broad sunflower leaf
liberation in the nature of nature in the art of artists
within the smooth pink lips of the conch a sea

one-line linked haiku   janurary 15-february 3 2001


no fear to express dissatisfaction with haiku east and west
needle tracks and a voice gone to hell she still swings
black ice & white ice carrier with mail i don't huff & puff to get
the patient's soft voice consoling the oncologist
whatever cool ideology or weather forecast peer pressure
steep path down from the summit shakyamuni

when a union card meant risk of jail or job-loss my dad

examples made of the poor of the radicals
a man in a white loincloth walks to the ocean to make salt
her words all but ignored in the small gathering
in the piney woods a coffee pot on the rustlers' campfire
but would peltier be safe on the outside


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