marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain       dennis h dutton

one-line linked haiku    january 5-february 2 1999


red sound

first cold snap in deep night the red sound of pump trucks
hoarfrost the dim glow of computer screens
between one line linked haiku links i win again at solitaire
tarot card once the magus now the fool
no announcement needed another dangerous 'year of the male'
with the birthday card a maple leaf

acorn-cup boat or thimble choose only one

i crave morels i failed to seek in may
scent of her hair on my pillow only a dream
the wrongwing-get-clinton-conspiracy blues
vietnam wall name of the dead face of the living
bottom land dispute where a rusty fence ends
slowly turning in the moonlight a sunflower head
desmond a little boy artist without fingers
'every day you wake up is a good day' john wayne
cold even the weather forecaster opinionated
riverwalk another flower whose name i don't know
jack-in-the-pulpit to vagina-in-the-woods

someone trying to save a marriage no sex no money 2 kids
baby boy's first sewing lesson snip
mother nature hath no fury like a house manager's scorn
men in wigs giving birth to a nation
wow higg's 'anti-female bias of japanese society' & blyth
a woman sweeps 'morning snow over the dust'
sudden break in the weather green bags to a green dumpster
only fur left one month on the roadside
grease-burn if red streak gets any longer er says get here
doctoring in the sweatlodge an eagle's cry
underground cave is that where the bomber lives his life
between the flash and when it all changed

days and nights now even the world still out of balance
oh for a visual idea just a red relating to . . .
the motel's big neon-red vacancy sign blinking yes
you could write a book: why i live at the p.l.
greece through the window yellow poppies and the sea
will this be the year the heron i raised returns

23m) 'modern haiku' 30:1 24d) from a haiku by chiyo-ni


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