marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain    dennis h dutton

a 2fer1 one-line linked haiku    may 16-21 1999


here outta sight

no flight from the city from the 'burbs just here outta sight
at night the lights of santa fe dim the stars
even if i got the chance where's the bite: oh go fly a kite
the daily lesson of the news 'might makes right'
a bit frightening when seen up close little-bitty dust mites
eyebright flowers marked with purple yellow white

bingo night my only prize her bedroom light as i drive home
i call him r h blight more than a slight towards me
deep cave only one stalactite one stalagmite touch each other
plight of bats of females man's sleight of hand
dracula at the nightclub 'i'll just have a blood lite miss'
secretly delighted in spite of the daily hassles
lean times pants that were once too tight now fit just right
a thin line if i invite or get invited to write
a sight of her or not either way i feel a slight sadness
quite hidden in garden stones rites of our triangle
so goddam uptight we take flight from our animalness
could use a light grooming the males in a fight

height of pain the dr i call mr recites: learn to live with it
the white knight in shining armor rusty now
another right-winger out of billions bites the political dust
greece under the bright blue sky a white dovecote
says beneath him to paint a ceiling of trite sprites & whatnots
'four flights thursday morning': the wright brothers
wind lightning rain trees uprooted near the abandoned home site
with all his might the sergeant's 'left right left'
dynamite united the townspeople and those glued to their sets
graduation night white corsages black arm bands
politely to phd guys: goodall connected chimps tools termites
sound bytes on the nightly news the dumbing down

oh beloved this light bantering not quite enough for me
unrequited you-know-what best unrequited?
john muir at tree-top height in love with the lightning
dispite--if that's a word--malachite--whatever that's
----- and dark ------s and depths you fill in the blanks for me
cellulite doubtful maybe jargon from 'the hite report'

2fer1: over-all rhyme sound with 2 on each line

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