marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


dennis h. dutton      marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku one     december 16 1998-january 3 1999

on all alike

winter rain falls on all alike the streets of baghdad
not enough snow to plow the house plows on
along the irrigation ditch bare willows not one bird
spider seeds dry enough for zip-lock baggies
banana slug on a redwood stump her moonlit train
'george eastman made the first strip film'

wrongful insemination will someone pay thru the nose
after the flu shot the flu
glad tomorrow another day and longer with nowhere to go
stray pit bull around his neck a pink scarf
neighbor's backhoe in mud near my given-up-on homesite
tonight the lowing of cows no comfort
how a tiny female sculpture lasts half a million years
hail harder and harder on the tin roof
mountain mailbox a jewel of a letter from cactus land
cyberspace 'void is form form void'
real psychic readings and real women for masturbation
spring forward fall back so it goes

may day in greece she hangs a wreath on her boyfriend's door
from sunday to sunday tiny ounces of odera
little toes loving them and her then letting go
i try very hard not to art what i know
bitter cold a crow and i complain to each other
funniest ever hiro's 'when i raised my face' *
too hot for each other to care it's winter cats in love
red meat in a 'discovery channel' voice
ramadan in iraq the tail wags the white house dog
the buddy system the domino effect
one leaf after another yet the moon never down
back to earth y2k bug & non-millennium fears

'when it concerns a woman does anyone ever want the facts'
mother's milk the information in it
dennis see

between snowed-in and snowed-in alone with what i have
spring thaw a cord of wood left in the shed

6m) old film on film, 'tcm' 7m) boston regional medical center
16d) from 'the heart sutra' of buddhism 20m) octuplet
24m) 'a favorite haiku' 31m) marlowe in 'lady in the lake'

Raw Nervz Haiku 5:4 1998/99

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