marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

dennis h dutton    marlene mountain

a 2fer1 one-line linked haiku    may 22-30 1999


so many oms

at home with his wife does he comb her hair as i would
'om-wom-om' a painting from '80 'womtra'
so many oms to make a man a woman a buddha
i'm the she a nondomed hat chromed red
romantic love a modern syndrome some say
before greco-roma we roamed free

run off by spring peepers i'm homed in away from loam
thoreau made walden pond a no-man's-land
doubtful romeo's romance woulda got writ with cnn around
for fellini this palindrome 'roma amor'
a momentary lapse in judgment put the foreigner in a coma
no matter never mind so much to let go of
as homely as gomer pyle watermelon seeds on my nightshirt
'amos sees soma' another palindrome
1st visit to the moma small world my art prof from oklahoma
sooner or later home's where the loam is red
haiku moment by any other name the fomenter's boomerang
what goes around comes around 'roambiome'

the geometry of home so dense not even 'om' can plumb it
homer's chromosomes or mcgwire's
between sea foam and the dome of stars and moon one boat one man
homophobic the womanizer's only son
my name in the domesday book but this moment is all that matters
all those tomes on roman catholics where's mad o'hair
atheist in a loamy grave is it god's domain or not
in omaha [etc] wom anatomy: cunctipotence
a fogbank inches into the sound between cape romanzof and nome
gomez on tv closest i'll get gnomes i don't know
lorca's 'duende' where la sombra y la luz commingle
not much in common alan lomax and perry como

another haiku just clitoridectomy and somali females
combing sand for silver i find a chrome bumper
komban wa a handy greeting after cormorant fishing in aomori
hello mom one last time before her coma ends
momentum comes and goes i wonder if i've omitted anything
coming home at last after roaming the fields

2fer1: over-all rhyme sound with 2 on each line


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