marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


dennis h dutton         marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku       june 21-23 1999

two-line tanka by two: 4

of dirt

the taste of dirt on my tongue as a child in summer
in the middle of a lull's lull

only part of the garden watered the guilt part empty
a gallon jar of sun-tea on the porch

the short season only time now for giant sunflowers
in early gnits & nats or whatevers

is it hormones such lust for a bed of dirty earth
the clock's ticking and she's not home

veterans day white headstones in formation on the hill
yarrow blooming i'm ready now to reverse

what kind of field is it that grows organic junk food
home tonight to frito pie and a video

spring rain the irrigation ditch running high and muddy
holes in my dr scholl's shoes

out of most stuff can't get the necessary cabin fever
yesterday's news rescued from the compost

a shovel and a saw left out overnight in the rain
still dry between a rock and a hard place

wiggling soil a well-fed mole after the well-fed worms
a young black lab brown dirt on his nose

the two pink roses in the tall vase are real after all
at dusk the grub in a shirt pocket

he sweeps and mops lots of nature from my kitchen floor
beyond the porch pasture mountains big sky

even the crows seem to be talking about my love affair
touch-me-nots begin to orange

my nosy eyes unable to see the turtle's underside
first only shadows then 1ant 2ants

an old potter-friend is returned to clay it's fitting
earth-sitting for a space

the heat how will i ever search africa for hominids
an uncovered skull grins at the moon

haiku class i ask the kids to make circles in the dirt
all around the maple its profile

easy to give flowers away but not the clinging soil
holey jeans good only for cut-offs now

still some dirt on the soles of my shoes from delphi
hot salty face by the little pond

not a thing to drink but spring water from the tap
even when i prime the pump only dust


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