marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


dennis h dutton      marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku    march 9-11 2002
[6/6 pattern]

butterflies not war

another nation a president speaks of butterflies not war
a few deer prints help pack the damaged earth
coyote sniffs it out goes on his way with that grin of his
from on high a shadow followed by its screech
spring morning a rabbit in the talons of a hawk and rising
true love in the little pond

dry spell reeds seem to be waiting for anything to hatch
cell phone rings mr toad calling from his car
in a cooler at the run-in worms packed in styrofoam cups
for his trip across the styx tying one last fly
barn door gone the team of mules still hangs together
after the calving she scrubs her hands age spots

1d President Vicente Fox of Mexico, in an extraordinary Nov. 28, 2001, speech at the
Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve at Sierra Chincua, a forested area west of Mexico City,
in which he said 'there will no longer be justification to cut a single tree that serves
as refuge for the butterflies.' See


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